March 2, 2024

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A US military official confirmed the ‘defensive strike’

A US military official confirmed the ‘defensive strike’

Five militants from a pro-Iran group were killed in an aerial bombardment in Kirkuk province. The strike in northern Iraq comes a day after the Iraqi government sent a warning to the US. “attack” Even as pro-Iranian groups have resumed rocket attacks and drone strikes against US troops stationed in Iraq and Syria, on its territory.

Sunday, A “Aerial Bombardment” as a target “Site” A coalition of former paramilitary forces, run by a faction affiliated with Hachh al-Saabi, is now integrated into the regular forces.AFP A senior security official in Kirkuk reported five deaths.

“Defensive Strike”

For his part, a US military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed “Defensive strike against immediate threat” vs. conducted near Kirkuk “A Drone Launch Pad”.

The targeted area is in northern Iraq near the border with autonomous Kurdistan. An Iraqi police officer in the area assured AFP “Garbage Belongs to a Drone” Found on site.

“Five dead, five injured”

reports on “Five dead and five injured”A security official in Baghdad said the drone strike was targeted “The Status of Al-Naujaba Group in Tibiz Region”.

Sunday evening, “Islamic Resistance in Iraq”A nebula, formed by armed groups affiliated with Hacht al-Saabi, scathingly confirmed the deaths of five militants in a press release.

The movement has been responsible for weeks of attacks against US soldiers in Iraq and Syria.

The bombings illustrate the regional consequences of the war between Israel and Palestinian Hamas in the Gaza Strip: pro-Iranian groups justify their attacks by pointing to Washington’s support for Israel.