June 25, 2024

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Israeli ships were attacked in the Red Sea by Houthi rebels, and a US destroyer retaliated

The US military provided assistance to three Israeli merchant ships targeted by Houthi rebels in the Red Sea.
USS Carney intercepted and destroyed three drones launched from Yemen and rebel-held territory.

Israeli merchant ships were attacked by drones from Yemen on Sunday, December 3, in the Bab el-Mandeb strait in the open Red Sea. The attack, claimed by Houthi rebels, was repulsed by a US destroyer in the area, a de facto strategic trade route in the Red Sea.

Two ships are said to have been attacked

“Today there were four attacks on three separate merchant vessels operating in the international waters of the South Red Sea” US Military Command in the Middle East (CENTCOM) announced in a press release. “The destroyer (…) USS Carney responded to distress calls from the ships and rendered assistance to them” Shot down three drones heading towards the warship during the day.

Col. Beer de Jong, vice president of Themis Institute at LCI, asserts. “The Americans are in a two-tiered zone. They have a huge navy afloat in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. After all, they have a huge military base in Djibouti, right to the right of Bab-El. Monteb” . In this particularly sensitive geographical area the expert points out a “The Houthis on one side of the Red Sea, the northern and western regions, and the French and Americans, on the other, the reorientation of occupying forces on the side of Eritrea and Djibouti”.

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Israeli ships suffered little damage. The destroyer detected a missile fired from Houthi-held territory in Yemen and reported minor damage to another missile from rebel-held territory. While the U.S. said three ships were hit, the Houthi rebels say they targeted only two boats, the Unity Explorer and Number 9. The Houthis are increasingly trying to get involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel from October 7. “We are seeing a form of escalation of the Israeli conflict, because the Houthis have taken up the cause of Hamas, driven by the Iranians. Hamas is a small force compared to the Houthis, who number between 10,000 and 100,000 men “, Remembers Colonel Pierre de Jong.

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Houthi rebels have taken control of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa “Part of the Axis of Resistance” Against Israel and can count on the support of Palestinian Hamas or Lebanese Hezbollah, but also Iran. As a reminder, a cargo ship belonging to an Israeli businessman has been detained in a Yemeni port since November 20.