May 26, 2024

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Be careful, not heating your home in winter can cause you significant financial losses and serious health problems.

Be careful, not heating your home in winter can cause you significant financial losses and serious health problems.

If you are one of those who decided to pass the winter without heating, be careful. This can have a significant impact on your wallet if you, as a tenant, want to repossess your home or if you, as an owner, are thinking of reselling it. It can also seriously affect your health. We will explain it to you.

While living without heat is certainly a short-term savings, the long- or medium-term risks are a good reason to consider before resorting to this strategy this winter. In addition to freezing pipes that can lead to significant water damage, not heating your home can lead to moisture build-up inside the home. It causes deterioration of building materials, growth of mold and mildew, deterioration of household appliances and even proliferation of insects.

Physical but also mental health

Potential damage. In fact, it is the duty of the tenant to maintain the accommodation in good condition. If the lack of heating is proven, the owner can punish him for negligence and force him to restore the accommodation before moving. For an owner, a home infested with mold or pests is not a good selling point for a potential sale.

According to a study published last year, the cold also affects our mental health. A study by two Australian researchers in the UK found that the probability of feeling cold-related distress was doubled in those who had not experienced a mental health problem at the start of the study, but tripled in those who were psychologically vulnerable. “For many people, heating costs are a source of stress and financial strain. Not being able to comfortably heat your home and family reduces your sense of control and autonomy over your environment,” write the two researchers.

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In addition to the psychological impact, the cold also causes a decrease in blood flow to the brain, constriction of blood vessels, an increase in blood pressure, heart rate and heart muscle work, a drop in the temperature of the extremities (fingers, ears, nose, etc.) and a slight decline in mental abilities. Low temperature, according to many studies, increases the risk of stroke and heart attack via Dampness, severe breathing problems.