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Bold and Beautiful: Sheila is stunned to hear that Stevie is still alive

Bold and Beautiful: Sheila is stunned to hear that Stevie is still alive

In the hospital in Stevie’s room, Thomas can’t believe this is happening. Ridge holds Taylor as they assure their daughter that they are there for her.

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In Sheila’s room, Deacon tells her he’s sorry – he knows how much she loves Art. Sheila sniffs, “Don’t say ‘I loved.'” Deacon can’t get past the shooting and Finn goes.

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At the booth, Hope and Liam decide to take full advantage of the silence and start tearing each other’s clothes off. Then Brooke walked in and Hope reminded her out loud that the kids aren’t there. Hossam, who is feeling bad, calls her to stay if she wants to talk. Amal glances at him but asks her mother, “What’s going on?” Brooke admits, “I’m worried about Ridge. It’s this feeling I get.” It does not depend on anything other than her relationship with him. She just feels something is terribly wrong. “Something he feels.” Hope thinks it makes sense because they are separated now. Liam knows Taylor’s presence complicates things, but it’s a good thing he’s not alone right now. Hope believes that he will eventually return to her mother. Brooke thinks it might be a good idea for Ridge to spend time with his kids. He adores them but worries that he didn’t give Stevie enough attention when she was younger. He has a lot to make up for. “Life is short.”

At the hospital, Ridge urges Stevie to take all her strength and return to them. It won’t end like this because a random person wants to take away their future. Thomas takes their place at his sister’s side and regrets that she is still stationary – she is always moving. Tell her she needs to come back because the kids need her. collapsed. “And I need you. You are my best friend.” Thomas pleads with her to return to them as he cries. Bridget comes and needs Stevie’s check, the family goes out.
Taylor, Ridge, Thomas, Stevie B&B Hospital

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In the hospital corridor, Thomas asked, “What the hell happened tonight?” Ridge doesn’t know and talks about Finn’s departure. Taylor exclaims, “He’s just gone!” She wonders what kind of monster will shoot them and leave them lying in an alley. “Who would do this?!?”
Taylor, ridge wait for B&B

At the hotel, Dickon doesn’t know what to say to help Sheila. He puts his coat on her and lays down beside her on the bed. She asks for a daikon to find them. He explains that he was taking the trash outside. She asks if he has seen anything else indicating who did this. The deacon says who is gone long ago. He wonders what kind of sick person would do such a thing. Sheila flashes to do the shooting. The deacon says to her, “Sheila. I’m with you.” Sheila can’t understand what he was doing in the alley – it doesn’t make sense. She cries, “I was getting to know him.” She breaks down again because she says she loves him so much and now that future is gone. Deacon is very sorry. Sheila cries in his arms.
Deacon Comfort Sheila B&B

In the cabin, Brooke is concerned that Ridge has yet to respond to her. Amal realizes that this feeling is really a number for her. Brooke thinks this means something is up. Ridge is her husband and if he’s going through something she wants to be there for him.

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In the hospital waiting area, Blower Ridge said, “What happened in that alley?” Thomas wonders what they were doing there. “Stevie can’t…” Taylor assures him that Stevie isn’t going anywhere. Thomas wonders if Stevie saw Finn get shot. Taylor can’t help but think of Sheila now. Finn is gone.
Ridge, Taylor Bedside B&B

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In her room, Deacon Sheila assures that her son knows she loves him. You want to go to the hospital to see him again. Deacon warns that she might run into the Steffy family – he had to call Ridge and tell him that his daughter was shot. He guesses Ridge, and Taylor and Thomas head straight to the hospital to urge her to fight. Sheila is confused when he talks about Stevie passing by. Deacon tells a stunned Sheila that Stevie is still alive.

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In the cabin, Brock continues to search for a letter from Ridge. Hope and William wonder if they can do anything. Brooke is grateful for their support and says she loves them. Then, knock on the door. He is a deacon. He wanted to check and see if they were okay. Looking at their expressions, he quickly realized that they had not been heard. Brooke asks if something is wrong. “Is it a ridge?” Deacon warns that they need to prepare for the shock. Hope says it scares her. Deacon said he was working at Il Giardino tonight and took the trash outside… and that’s when he saw them. Hossam asks, “Who saw?” Deacon replies, “Fin and Stevie. They were shot.”

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At the hospital, Ridge regrets that a boy lost his father tonight. Taylor shouts Stevie will need them like never before. Thomas is angry at Finn’s departure and that Stevie is fighting for her life. Taylor reassured him, but admitted she was scared. Ridge too. The elevator opens and Sheila appears. “How’s Stevie?” Thomas tells her she is alive. Ridge adds, “Barely, but we’re grateful.” Taylor told Sheila she was so sorry for the loss and the pain she was feeling right now. She pulls her in the bosom. Thomas frowned when Sheila replies, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

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