May 25, 2024

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Bombing on Zaporizhia kills at least one and injures nine

Bombing on Zaporizhia kills at least one and injures nine

Moscow banned a panel investigating Russian military operations

Thursday, Russian officials said “undesirable”The investigative body, the Conflict Investigative Committee (CIT), is renowned for its investigations into Russian military activities around the world, leading to its de facto ban.

The Russian General Prosecutor’s Office said the decision was made considering the involvement of the CIT “Anti-Russian campaigns are launched from abroad and aim to promote protests and destructive ideas”. “The main purpose of this group of pseudo-journalists is to collect and publish information about the Russian armed forces, especially the personal information of Russian servicemen, which is then used to discredit them”Adds the floor.

The CIT, founded in Russia, came to light in 2014 by publishing investigations into Russian forces involved in the conflict in Ukraine. For his investigations, he identifies and verifies information and images published in free access on the Internet. In addition to Ukraine, he also covered the operations of Russian forces in Libya, Syria, and the Central African Republic.

In Russia, employees of an organization “undesirable” should face strict legal action. Ruslan Leviv, the creator of CIT, who lives in the United States, was prosecuted for spreading it in Russia. “Fake News” On the Russian army. He said on Thursday that all his employees are abroad and that is why “More or less safe”.

But during the program broadcast on the YouTube channel of the journalist Alexander Pleuchchev, he underlined that this ban occurred. “Serious Risks” CIT volunteers still on Russian territory. “A part [de nos bénévoles] are in Russia, but they are anonymous, we don’t have a database where we can hack their names, we try to take all measures for their safety.He promised.

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