April 12, 2024

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Boris Johnson should be “cautious” before deregulation in the UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Contact case and isolation called on people to be “careful” on Sunday, before removing almost all restrictions associated with the epidemic.
Corona virus In the UK, amidst the eruption of contaminants.

“Please be careful, take the next step tomorrow [de ce déconfinement] With due care and respect for others, and with the continuing dangers of the disease, ”the Conservative leader argued while in the United Kingdom. Variation Delta The virus causes a sharp increase in cases over several weeks.

The “perfect time” to transcend everything

After contacting Health Minister Sajid Javed, he was forced to isolate himself until July 26, he announced on Saturday. Positive for Kovit-19, Boris Johnson, a Downing Street spokeswoman, said he would “continue to hold meetings with distant ministers” from the country’s residence checkers of government leaders in north-west London.

“Please be careful,” Boris Johnson pleaded in a video posted on his Twitter account, underlining the “serious epidemic” of the delta variant of the virus. Nevertheless, on Sunday he pledged that it was “the right time” to continue this important phase of restructuring, dubbed “Independence Day,” while calling on people to be vigilant.

Boris Johnson justifies this move with the success of the vaccination campaign that has been actively carried out since December – more than two-thirds of all fully vaccinated adults – according to him, has “strongly weakened” the link between illness, hospitalization and death, allowing the general system to cope. There are currently 550 Covid-19 patients in intensive care, compared with more than 4,000 at the peak of the second wave in January.

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The result of a forced mask despite increased pollution

From Monday, delivery will no longer be the norm. Performance halls and arenas will reopen at full capacity, discos will again be open to the public, bar servers will again be possible in pubs, and the number of people allowed to assemble will no longer be limited. The mask is no longer mandatory, but is recommended in transportation and stores.

This massive relaxation is considered “unreasonable” by Labor opposition, leading to increasing pollution Variation Delta, Especially infections. With the approval of the Minister of Health, the number of daily contaminants could reach 100,000 in a few weeks.

Labor leader Khair Stormer denounced a government on Twitter as “in disarray” and sent conflicting messages before removing all remaining restrictions in the UK, including the need to wear masks or social distance.

“Risk of undermining efforts to control the epidemic”

An influential international panel of scientists on Friday called on the government to reverse its decision, which “undermines efforts to control the epidemic.” UK, But in other countries ”. Millions of people, in addition to the victims, were asked to stay at home for ten days in case of contact.

As a large number of people are involved, there is increasing pressure from business circles to revise the application used by the public health service, raising fears about a shortage of staff to prevent certain services from operating. On Saturday, the London Underground Line had to be interrupted due to a lack of staff in the control room.

At the borders, a relaxation for some places comes into effect from Monday. People who have been fully vaccinated in the UK and come from countries classified as “orange” no longer have to look for isolation when visiting the UK, including many tourist destinations such as Italy or Spain.

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Isolation is maintained for those coming from France

As cases of beta variation “continue,” immigrants from France will continue to be subject to isolation, which worries the government. Resistance to the Astrogeneca vaccine, Widely used in the United Kingdom.

Govt-19 has killed more than 128,600 people in the United Kingdom, where pollution has soared for several weeks, with a total of more than 585,000 cases reported since July 1st. Beyond the limit of 50,000 new daily pollutants on Fridays and Saturdays, the country is the most affected in Europe.