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COP28: Council resigns over doubts over UAE fossil fuel deals


Former Marshall Islands President Hilda Hein has written to COP28 President Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber.

Member of the Advisory Committee of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28). Hilda HeinHe resigned on Friday after reports emerged that the UAE had tried to take advantage of its role as host country to close deals. Oil and Gas Contracts during the summit, according to his resignation letter seen by Reuters.

Former President of the Marshall IslandsA country vulnerable to climate change due to its low altitude described this information “deep disappointment” and undermine the credibility of the multilateral negotiation process. “These actions undermine the integrity of the COP leadership and the overall process”Hilda Hein wrote in a letter to the President of COP28 Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber.

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The only way to restore confidence in the process is to produce a decision that demonstrates the UAE’s commitment. “On Phasing Out Fossil Fuels”. Ahmed al-Jaber denied these reports Reported by BBC Based on documents collected by the Center for Climate Reporting (CCR).

In response to this resignation, the spokesperson for the COP28 presidency announced “Very disappointed“. “We have appreciated his advice throughout the year and want to celebrate his adoption of funds to support vulnerable island states and those most affected by the effects of climate change if he were here with us in the UAE.”He declared.

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COP28 negotiations began Thursday with an agreement to create a “loss and damage” fund that has already raised millions of dollars.

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