June 25, 2024

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The Israeli military declared a “resurgence of fighting” against Hamas

The Israeli military declared a “resurgence of fighting” against Hamas

According to the “New York Times”, Israeli officials were aware of the unprecedented Hamas attack plan a year in advance.

Based on classified documents, American newspaper The New York Times Israeli officials said on Thursday that they had received Hamas’ plan to launch an unprecedented attack against Israel a year ago, but considered the scenario unrealistic.

Israeli military intelligence has obtained a nearly forty-page document from the Palestinian Islamist movement, point-by-point, on a major attack like the October 7 commando attack in Israel that killed 1,200 people, according to an American newspaper. .

The document, which was circulated in intelligence circles under the code name “Jericho Wall”, did not provide a date for a possible attack, but defined precise points to complete the Israeli defense system and then hit targets in cities and military bases. More specifically, the document reports the elements at the center of the October 7 offensive, which included a barrage of rockets, drones destroying security cameras and automated security systems, and then fighters crossing the Israeli side by paraglider, by car and on foot. But he didn’t “can’t decide” If this plan is approved “absolutely” By the Hamas leadership and how it can translate into reality, stresses an internal Israeli military document times.

However, in July, an analyst with the elite intelligence unit 8200 warned that the military exercise Hamas has now conducted resembles the attack plan outlined in the “Jericho Wall” document at many points. But a colonel in the army unit responsible for Gaza rejected this scenario, calling it “Totally Imaginary”.

“I categorically deny the idea that this scene is fictional (…) It’s a plan for war.” Not just for attack “Against a Village”The analyst writes in encrypted emails consulted by the newspaper. “Fifty years ago we already had a similar experience with a scenario that seemed fanciful in the South. History may repeat itself if we are not careful.”Referring to the Yom Kippur War of 1973, the analyst wrote almost prophetically to his colleagues.

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According to the “Times”, although the “Jericho Wall” document has been circulating within the Israeli military hierarchy, it is not known whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet have consulted it.