June 19, 2024

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Covid: Will FFP2 masks be mandatory in France if Omigron faces diversity?

While the Omigron variant is rocking countries affected by its strongest epidemic, the question of making the FFP2 mask mandatory may arise.

Should we abandon traditional surgical masks for masks? FFP2, Or “Duckbill”, with arrival Variation Omigron ?

If many European countries had made this choice, for example Austria, Germany More recently Italy On public transport, The question begins to take place in France, and more and more people are wearing this mask, often on their own initiative.

Better protection

It should be said that the FFP2 mask Protected The better. Better to believe An American study. As reported BFMTVResearchers at the University of Cங்கte d’Ivoire in Germany and Cornell University in the United States compared the protection of two types of masks on the face of a person who is positive for Govt-19.

So have a negative person The chances of catching the virus are 75 times lower With FFP2 mask rather than surgical protection. The “Duckbill” mask filters out almost 94% of inspired aerosols.

Thereby Great Range, FFP2 mask also covers the lower part of the face. It does not accommodate around the nose, cheeks and chin.

Not so easy to wear

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Do not consider this option To control infection. But can the deal change in the face of Omicron?

Scientists recommend using “most” FFP2 in all cases In addition Brittle Where Not at all Vaccinated“,” All complexity associated with this application “.

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Because yes, this type of mask Too complicated to wear and wear. “The fear of FFP2 masks is that they are not so easy to wear and difficult to wear properly,” Bruno Lina told a news conference.

As further reported The world Bruno Grantpostin, president of the French Society for Hospital Health, quotes: “FFP2 already exists Hard to use For professionals trained in this type of mask that require a facial seal test. These protections are common Very badly worn by people It will not do much good. “

It has a cost …

Included with this Price. If a box of 50 surgical masks trades between 5 and 8 euros today, BFMTV estimates that the price of 10 FFP2 masks is about 7 euros.

National Institutes of Health Care (Considered) Also recommends avoiding these masks. Some will contain graphene, A potentially toxic synthetic substance.

The balance between the pros and cons of these masks, at least in France, does not seem to be in their favor at the moment …