April 13, 2024

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“Everybody's afraid of me”: His “monstrous” arm weighs 9kg, 26-year-old young influencer Malik tests

“Everybody's afraid of me”: His “monstrous” arm weighs 9kg, 26-year-old young influencer Malik tests

A young man born with a large right hand says that strangers on the street shy away from him in fear.

26-year-old Malik Aftab's daily life is special. This young Indian from the city of Ghazipur lives with a very rare pathology: his right hand is enlarged and deformed. Even the latter weighs almost nine kilos.

On the streets of his city, he is unnoticed and the townspeople stare at him. “People fear me because of my cruel hand”The young man explains to the press “The Sun”.

Doctors do not know the cause of this defect. However, they believe he is suffering from Proteus Syndrome. This pathology causes uneven growth of various tissues, bones or skin in the body.

This disease can also contribute to the development of tumors and cancers. This syndrome has been diagnosed only 200 times worldwide.

Very expensive treatment

Symptoms vary from person to person and usually begin between 6 and 18 months. Malik saw many doctors as a child. But the student says his family can no longer afford the treatment he needs for his enormous hand. The pressure of his hand also causes him great pain and fatigue.

Malik, however, embraces his difference. She has become a social media star with over 194,000 followers on Instagram.

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