June 19, 2024

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Five things to know about the presidential election that Vladimir Putin is certain to win

Five things to know about the presidential election that Vladimir Putin is certain to win

A particularly anticipated election, the outcome of which is already known. Russian voters are called to the polls on Friday March 15 and Sunday March 17, which will, unsurprisingly, seek Vladimir Putin's fifth term and third consecutive re-election. A dictatorial Russian leader, president or head of a quarter-century government, is a candidate to remain head of the country until at least 2030.

This vote a “Simulator” Presidential election, described French culture, the Kremlin is blocking any replacement for the outgoing president. It comes a month after main opposition leader Alexei Navalny was detained and died under murky circumstances. However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov promises an organized vote “The kind of election our people want.”

According to the Central Election Commission, As quoted by the Russian news agency TASS, 112.3 million people are invited to vote in Russia and Moscow-occupied Ukrainian territories. This includes 1.9 million voters residing abroad. In Ukraine, voting began in late February in the occupied Zaporozhye region. Toss. While waiting for a result that will leave little doubt, franceinfo summarizes what you need to know about the presidential election in the world's largest country, more than two years at war with Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin will stay until 2030, and may aim for 2036

The Russian president announced his re-election bid during a decoration ceremony at the Kremlin on December 8. Notice issued during the discussion presented as “arbitrary”Tell me the world . “On behalf of all the people, on behalf of Donbass, I ask you to participate in these elections, because there is still a lot of work to do”A self-proclaimed soldier from the Donetsk People's Republic, one of the occupied territories in eastern Ukraine, told him. “I had different ideas at different times. But you are right, the time has come to make this decision. I will be a candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation.”Vladimir Putin responded.

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This new election should allow him to stay in power until 2030. He can then run again to stay in power until 2036. Four years ago, a constitutional amendment actually gave him the right to serve four consecutive presidential terms. , the Russian constitution theoretically allows only two.

His promises were not limited to the war in Ukraine

During his annual address to the nation at the end of February, Vladimir Putin outlined his plan for the next six years. Beyond his justification of the war in Ukraine, he defended Russia “Traditional Values”Against the West, which is described as decadent. “A family with many children should be the norm”He stressed in response to the country's population crisis.

The president also promised investments to modernize Russia in various fields, such as new technologies, culture and environmental protection. He promised education and infrastructure, renovating several airports, building dozens of campuses, hundreds of gymnasiums and fifty roads, lists. the world . This inventory includes announcements on social assistance, especially for veterans and their loved ones.

The other three candidates are non-contenders

Along with the current occupier of the Kremlin, three candidates are running for president: Nikolai Kharidonov, Leonid Zlotsky, and Vladislav Davankov. Members of the parties represented in the Russian Parliament are not required to pass the filter of the collection of sponsorships. But their presence gives the false impression of political pluralism, while these three men are far from Vladimir Putin's enemies. None of them opposed Russia's continued aggression against Ukraine.

Nikolai Kharidonov is the representative of the Russian Communist Party in this election. “Our mission is to unite people and win on all fronts during the election campaign”, he announced in late December when announcing his appointment. Another announced candidate, Leonid Slutsky, leads the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, a conservative and nationalist movement. He himself predicted success “big” As for Vladimir Putin, he confirmed that he would not carry “no voice”.

Finally, Vladislav Tavankov is a deputy and former candidate for mayor of Moscow. “Do I want peace at all costs? No”He said about Ukraine, according to the Russian news site Your font. He still considered that“Special Military Operation” Shouldn't have been a question “For Our Children”.

The real opposition is excluded from the ballot

During the campaign, two genuine opposition candidates to Vladimir Putin were rejected. In early February, liberal and pacifist candidate Boris Nadeshtin saw his candidacy rejected by the Russian election commission. Thus 9,147 signatures supporting the candidate were invalid. “The number of verified and valid voter sponsorships was 95,587 (…) while 100,000 were required”Andreï Choutov, a member of the commission, ruled.

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Little known to the general public until this campaign, the candidate opposing Russian aggression in Ukraine was a municipal representative from a small town on the outskirts of Moscow. “Government should not try to create more territories for Russia, it's a bad idea”He said in an interview with franceinfo earlier this year.

In late December, the Russian Election Commission invalidated the candidacy of journalist and former municipal representative Ekaterina Dauntsova. The company justified it “Errors in Documents” Proposed by the pro-democracy candidate, and against the war in Ukraine.

Russia has been cracking down on any criticism of the Kremlin, even more so since the start of the Russian invasion. Opposition figures have been exiled, while others have been convicted and imprisoned. From afar, anti-Putin people are trying to mobilize voters, especially by calling for participation in the “noon against Putin” operation proposed shortly before Alexei Navalny's death: “I'd love for those who vote against Putin to go to the polls all at once, at noon”He wrote in X.

Russians are encouraged to vote, and fraud is possible

As voting approaches, posters have appeared across Russia encouraging voters to cast their ballots through Friday and Sunday. Raffles, events… officials are mobilizing to invite as many citizens as possible to vote. According to the worldThe Kremlin wants a campaign “Quiet, without extravagance” For Vladimir Putin, 2018 ends with a score equal to the score of the last presidential election. The president received more than 75% of the vote.

“Putin's 2018 re-election campaign benefited from advantages including preferential media treatment, numerous irregularities and procedural irregularities during vote counting” remember Freedom Defense NGO Freedom House. At the time, voters said they were forced to vote by their employers or teachers. Others reported receiving concert tickets or food coupons in exchange for their participation.

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“The Russian electoral system is designed to maintain the dominance of United Russia”Vladimir Putin's movement points to Freedom House, which also mentions ballot stuffing during the 2021 legislative elections. This year, electronic voting and the spread of votes over three days could lead to more fraud, the advance indicates. the world.