May 30, 2024

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Find the list of members of his “Renouveau” government (Senego TV)

Find the list of members of his “Renouveau” government (Senego TV)

Prime Minister Usman Sonko, who was appointed on April 2, 2024, officially unveiled the composition of his government on April 5. The announcement marks the beginning of his mandate with the promise of a government that is not only new but innovative. In his statement, he paid particular attention to the structure of his team, highlighting the tight structure of 25 ministers and 5 secretaries of state, reflecting his vision of effective governance in line with current challenges.

The list of members of his government, characterized by the diversity of its profiles, testifies to this ambition for renewal and innovation. Notable statistics include:

  1. The fall of Yasin – Minister of African Integration and Foreign Affairs
  2. General Pyram Diop – Minister of Armed Forces
  3. Ousmane Diagne – Minister of Justice is the keeper of the seal
  4. General Jean-Baptiste Dine – Minister of Home Affairs and Public Security
  5. Birame Souleye Diop – Minister of Energy, Petroleum and Mines
  6. Abdurahman sir – Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation
  7. Sheikh Diba – Minister of Finance and Budget
  8. Malik Ndiaye – Minister of Infrastructure, Lands and Aviation
  9. Dauda Ngome – Minister of Environment and Environmental Change
  10. Amadou Moustapha Ndieck Sarré – Minister of Vocational Training (Government Spokesperson)
  11. Sake Titian Die – Minister of Hydraulics and Health
  12. Allion room – Minister of Communications, Telecom and Digital
  13. Elhadj Abdourahmane Diouf – Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  14. Serigne Gueye Diop – Minister of Industry and Commerce
  15. Fatou Diouf – Minister of Fisheries, Maritime and Port Infrastructure
  16. Maimuna die – Minister of Family and Unity
  17. Yankoba Time – Minister of Labour, Employment and Corporate Relations
  18. Balla Moussa Fofana – Minister of Town Planning, Local Government and Regional Planning
  19. Mustafa Guirazzi – Minister of National Education
  20. Ibrahim Sy – Minister of Health and Social Affairs
  21. Olivier Bougel – Minister of Civil Service and Public Service Reforms
  22. Khadi Deane Gaye – Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture
  23. Mapuba Diagne – Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Livestock
  24. Allion Dion – Minister of Microfinance, Social and Solidarity Economy
  25. Mountaka Diao – Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts
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  1. Amadou Cherif Diouf – Secretary of State for Senegal Abroad
  2. Ibrahim Diyam – State Secretary for SMEs Development Pmi
  3. Momad Dalla House – Secretary of State for Urban Development and Housing
  4. Alpha Bâ – Secretary of State for Cooperatives and Farmers Supervision
  5. Bakery sir – Secretary of State for Culture, Creative Industries and Historical Heritage

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