May 26, 2024

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He gives up sugar and alcohol for a month, and here's what happens

He gives up sugar and alcohol for a month, and here's what happens

This young Dutchman wanted to carry out at least one original experiment. He really wanted to do without Sucre So when alcohol A month. The goal was to see the effects of such a deficiency on his body. He took the opportunity to film his journey during these four weeks. And this Results Amazing to say the least.

Sacha Harland is a resident of The Hague in the Netherlands, located in the west of the country between Rotterdam and Amsterdam. He set himself a challenge that was surprising to say the least. So Age 22, he decided to give up sugar for a month. He noticed that there was nothing easy about it, because it Food Almost everywhere especially in many Processed products And for example in alcohol.

Sugar is added to many foods

To begin his experience, he a Doctor Responsible for assessing his general health. The results were very good, but despite his young age and his good physical condition, Sacha already has a little Overweight and a ratio Cholesterol Slightly above average. Nothing to be scared of though, just another reason to take matters into your own hands.

In Video In the six minutes he created to document his challenge, his friend took it upon himself to list the products he had to avoid in order to complete his challenge. Soups, sauces, Drinks, the list is long. These are almost all Processed foods From processed foods that contain sugar. And he should ignore it.

Photo credit: Shutterstock Sacha Harland

After quitting sugar, he felt the effects of withdrawal

There is nothing easy about it. As can be seen, sugar acts as a Medicine There is a lot of feeling in the body and lack. irritation And fatigue was one of the symptoms the young man experienced. But even so TemptationHe didn't break even when his girlfriend wolfed down popcorn and beer at his side at the movies.

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Little by little the situation evolved over time. He felt better and better. Sugar cravings are over. And finally, there is the passage Doctor At the end of 30 days it becomes real with This experience. It must be said that the first observation is minimal, as it is nothing less than what Sacha Harland has lost in such a short period of time. 4.5 kg.

His cholesterol level fell from 4.6 to 4 or 8%. and its ratio blood sugar The deficit is much lower than it was before the start of this month. The Dutchman also believed that he had more energy and was inside Best shape than before. Although he admits that the beginning was tough, once his body detoxed, he started to feel better and better.

Sacha Harland during his medical examination

Photo credit: Shutterstock Sacha Harland during his medical examination

The young man explained that he had no intention of continuing Ruling system Strict in the long run. He wants to maintain A balanced diet With the possibility of providing a interval Time. The fact that the person who agreed to play guinea pig is further evidence of the harmful effects of sugar on the body.