February 29, 2024

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Former “Star Wars” actress sues Disney for Elon Musk's money

Former “Star Wars” actress sues Disney for Elon Musk's money

It's a process that allows Elon Musk to once again protect full freedom of expression. Gina Carano is a former Universal actress Star WarsIt announced on Tuesday that it is filing a complaint against Disney because it believes its removal was motivated by its controversial stances on the Holocaust, the pandemic or transgender rights.

The legal action, backed and funded by X's boss Elon Musk, who is known for his conservative stances, is the latest example of the culture wars that are deeply dividing America. Gina Carano starred in one of the series' recurring roles The Mandalorian before being landed by Disney in 2021.

“Cruel and unacceptable news”

In her complaint, the actress explains that she was harassed online by “left-wing extremists” and believes her employer has tarnished her reputation and diminished her chances of working in the audiovisual industry.

Disney announced that the actress, who specializes in martial arts, was parting ways because of “disgusting and unacceptable messages” on social media that “degraded people based on their cultural and religious identity.”

A dubious parallel with Nazi Germany

Gina Carano is the American conservative equivalent of Jewish isolation in Nazi Germany. “Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews,” he wrote, because “the government made them hate their own neighbors just because they were Jews.” Does this mean hating someone for their political views? » He came up with this brochure with a photograph of a Jewish woman who had been beaten during Hitler's regime.

In another post, the actress mocked a man wearing multiple masks during the Covid-19 pandemic in California. He sparked controversy by adopting “poop/pop/beep” as pronouns on his social media profile, which was seen by his detractors as a dig at transgender people.

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Carano says he likes to “make people think.”

In a press release issued Tuesday, Gina Carano said she believes she “never used offensive language.” According to him, his publications were intended to “make people think” and were published “with respect and occasional humour”.

Her complaint argues that the actress does not benefit from the same latitude in terms of freedom of expression as some of her male counterparts. The social network “is proud to financially support Gina Carano's practice,” Elon Musk's company underlined in an official message on Tuesday. Disney has yet to comment.