February 29, 2024

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Fortune giving to Queen Charles III

Fortune giving to Queen Charles III

Palaces, jewels, seals… Between the properties belonging to the British crown and Queen Elizabeth’s personal fortune, the new king inherits a very diverse inheritance.

The King Charles III Not only did he inherit the throne on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, he possessed an enormous and, above all, very varied personal fortune.

First, the new sovereign would enjoy property directly owned by the British government. We’re talking specifically about Buckingham Palace, tens of thousands of jewels, 200,000 works of art… all estimated Newspaper Forbes up to 28 billion euros.

As for Elizabeth II’s personal wealth, it was estimated a few months ago at 430 million euros. The The Sunday Times, according to the will of the deceased queen, a portion was also to be sent to Charles III. So the new sovereign cannot accurately estimate the amount recovered because the document remains in the private domain.

In fact, unlike other Britons, the royal family does not have to make the will public. She is also exempt from inheritance tax.

Palaces all over the country

As for private properties, for example Balmoral Castle in Scotland, home of the Queen’s death on Thursday. It is a 19th century fort spread over an area of ​​20,000 hectares. It is estimated at 200 million euros.

Among the residences is Sandrigham Castle in the east of England, where the royal family usually spends Christmas. Its value is estimated at around 150 million euros.

Farmland, seals, horses…

Queen Elizabeth II’s personal fortune, tens of thousands of acres of farmland and other real estate, is getting bigger every year: £24 million in 2021.

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Another interesting aspect of heritage is the mind-blowing set of seals, already given to Elizabeth II by her grandfather George V. The size of this collection makes you dizzy: almost 100 million euros.

As inherited by Charles III The Queen’s HorsesA very successful racing stable bringing in several million euros every year.

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