May 30, 2024

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Four former employees of the aircraft manufacturer testify – acquitted

Four former employees of the aircraft manufacturer testify – acquitted

Before a US Senate investigative committee, four former employees of the US airline manufacturer outlined the malfunctions in the production of the planes and the risks to passenger safety.

Words that send shivers down your spine. Four whistleblowers, including an engineer and former Boeing employee, testified before a US Senate committee on Wednesday. “serious problems” Production of Boeing 737 Max, 787 Dreamliner and 777 aircraft. “I'm not here because I want to be here. Because I am here […] I don't want to see a 787 or 777 crash.”Sam Salepour, a quality engineer at Boeing for seventeen years, announced before the senators. “Serious Concerns About Safety of 787 and 777”. “I was sidelined. They told me to shut up and I received physical threats.”The engineer continued. “If something happens to me, I am relieved because I will save many lives by testifying openly”.

In the nearly two-hour hearing, Boeing and Civil Aviation Regulatory Agency (FAA) officials will be called to testify, said Richard Blumenthal, chairman of the inquiry commission. “There are mounting allegations that Boeing's safety culture is broken and its practices are unacceptable.”, Mr. Blumenthal noted that he had received numerous testimonies in recent days. This is a letter written by his lawyers, specifically to the US Civil Aviation Regulatory Agency (FAA), at the start of a senatorial investigation.

“After two accidents nothing has changed”

Mr. In addition to Salepur, Ed Pearson – a former manager at Boeing, notably on the 737 Max program – Joe Jacobson – 25 years at the FAA after eleven years at Boeing – and Shawn Bruchnicki – an aviation safety expert and former airline pilot. “I did everything I could to tell the world that the MAX is still unsafe and to warn the authorities about the dangers of Boeing's product.”, Mr. Pearson explained. But still “After two accidents nothing has changed”. After two 737 MAX 8 crashes (346 deaths) in 2018 and 2019, the 737 MAX was grounded globally due to design flaws. “If action is not taken and leaders are not held accountable, every person who boards a Boeing is at risk”Mr. According to Pearson, oversight by the US Civil Aviation Regulatory Agency (FAA). “Useless and reactive”.

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Manufacturing reports are up 500% since January

“We know we still have work to do and we're taking action across the board.”After investigation, the aircraft manufacturer agreed. “Retaliation is strictly prohibited at Boeing”He assured that reports of manufacturing had risen by 500% in the year to January. “We continue to put safety and quality above all”Hammer the group by saying to themselves “There is confidence in the safety and durability of the 787 and 777.” Boeing “We must commit to real and deep improvements, and hold ourselves accountable every step of the way”The adjuster pointed out after the investigation. “We will continue our intense monitoring.” Boeing, he added. Mr. Blumenthal had already called the Justice Department. Disclosures made during the trial will no doubt add further pressure.

Three of the four models targeted by the investigation

Mr. Following Salehpur's alert, the FAA launched an investigation into the two types of aircraft. Henceforth, three of the four commercial aircraft models produced by the American group are officially under investigation by the regulator. It examines Boeing's flagship 737 family of planes after an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 lost a hatch door on Jan. 5. In this case, Mr. Pearson condemned a “Crime Cover-up” According to the NTSB investigative authority, Boeing says it has no documentation related to the manipulation of the cap holder at its factory. “There is this document […] I sent it to the FBI myself.”Central Police, “many months ago”, he said. According to an NTSB spokesman on Wednesday, the agency “No such documents have been received from Boeing or any other company.” FAA audit identified “Incompatibility Issues” The manufacturer and its subcontractor are Spirit Aero Systems. The Alaska incident occurred in 2023 in the wake of several production problems involving the 737 MAX and the Dreamliner.

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