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Hans Peter Doskozil, SPÖ’s presidential candidate, quits politics due to computer error


Hans Klaus Tech/AFP Hans-Peter Toskosil, governor of the southeastern Burgenland province, who was declared the winner of the party leadership election on June 3, 2023, holds a press conference on the turnout during the party’s vote count, June 5, 2023, in Eisenstadt, eastern Austria. Congress at Linz. The Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPOe) caused a shock when it announced on June 5, 2023, that it had reversed its results, two days after electing its new leader. (Photo by HANS KLAUS TECHT / APA / AFP) / Austria Out

Hans Klaus Tech/AFP

Hans Peter Doskozil, 52, quit politics on Monday June 6 after the SPÖ mistakenly overturned his party leader’s decisions.

International – A scene worthy of a parody series. After celebrating victory at the helm of the Austrian Left all weekend, Hans-Peter Toskozil, 52, quit politics on Monday 6 June.

Two days after its new leader was elected, the SPÖ announced that it had reversed the results of two candidates. “Due to employee’s technical error in excel spreadsheet”Mikaela Grubesa, head of the SPÖ electoral commission, announced to shame.

So get out Hans-Peter Toskozil, 52, a representative of the organization’s centrist wing, which sits in the opposition. The unsuccessful candidate was convinced that he had won 53% of the votes of approximately 600 congressional delegates. In the magazine Kron Zeitung On Monday, he said he would already see himself in the presidential palace.

He immediately took note of this reversal of situation and announced his withdrawal from national political life. not that “Not a Nice Day”He commented curtly.

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It’s a candidate who recently came out of the shadows, Andreas Popler, 50, so he finds himself against all odds as party leader. Shocked by these dramatic events, the lucky winner wanted to hear the new count.


The confusion was announced 48 hours after the vote, sparking taunts and many angry reactions on social media, with a local party official excoriating her. “shame” In this face “Unbelievable Amateurism”. A commentator from public television ORF expressed hope “Never seen this in 30 years in the business”Believing that “It’s going to stick to the skin.” of the SPÖ.

The mistake, discovered by chance in particular, comes after years of infighting within the party, which has collapsed since 2017 after giving Austria too many chancellors. Under these conditions, he is well behind the far-right on his way to victory in legislative elections scheduled for fall 2024.

Andreas Popler has “Apologies for the picture where part of the device was returned to the fighters”is reassuring “Putting Your Training Back on Track for Success”. He is the mayor of Trieskirchen, a small town known for running the largest registration center for asylum seekers in Austria, which is reluctant to welcome refugees.

The 50-year-old found himself in the hot seat during the campaign for the 2020 video, which has since resurfaced. We see him qualify for the EU “Most Aggressive Foreign Policy Military Alliance Ever”.

This is not the first electoral scandal in the Alpine country of nine million people. In 2016, irregularities during the counting of presidential votes prompted the Constitutional Court to invalidate the second round and Austrians, outraged, had to go back to the polls.

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