April 18, 2024

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Russia is subject to a new Ukrainian drone strike

Russia is subject to a new Ukrainian drone strike

Cover Image: In Moscow, September 6, 2023. STRINGER / AFP

  • The Pentagon announced on Wednesday, September 6, that the United States would supply Ukraine with depleted uranium munitions. These weapons, which work against tanks and other armored vehicles, are controversial because of the toxic risks they pose to the military and civilians. The Russian Embassy in the United States slammed the announcement on Thursday “A clear sign of inhumanity”.
  • Visiting Kyiv on Wednesday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken declared New help A total of one billion dollars (932 million euros) for Ukraine.
  • At least seventeen people died in the attack on the market in Kostiantynivka. In eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko announced. At least thirty-two people were injured in the attack. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the market was affected “A Russian Ballistic Missile”An S-300.
  • Russian news agency RIA reported that Ukrainian drones were shot down near the Russian capital and in the south of the country on Thursday morning. Citing the Ministry of Defence. One drone was shot down near Moscow and two were shot down near Rostov-on-Don, RIA reported.
  • Romania confirms that parts of a Russian drone fell on its territory. Romanian Defense Minister Angel Dilvar said on Wednesday that several fragments of a Russian drone had been found in Romania. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis responded cautiously: “If it is confirmed that these elements came from a Russian drone, such a situation is completely unacceptable and a serious violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Romania, a NATO ally. »
  • New Defense Minister Rustem Umerov vowed to liberate “every centimeter” of Ukraine. Mr. Umerov replaces Oleksiy Reznikov: Ukrainian parliament, Rada, confirms his appointment. Never before in the history of independent Ukraine had a Crimean Tatar reached such a high position. However, the man whose mission is to ensure the continuous flow of Western weapons to the Ukrainian army against the Russian army has no military experience.
  • Russia has acknowledged the withdrawal of its forces from Robotine. Ukraine claimed in late August to recapture the village, located in the Zaporizhia region, as part of a counteroffensive it has been waging since June. “The Russian Army Retreated to the Hills”Ievhen Balytsky, head of Zaporizhia’s interim (pro-Russian) administration, agreed on Wednesday.
  • “Obviously, the Russian flag cannot be at the Paris Games,” Emmanuel Macron said. In a daily interview L’Equipe published on Wednesday evening. Russia does not “She was out of place when she committed war crimes”, he continued. Asked about the presence of Russian athletes on an individual basis, the head of state replied: “I believe that this is a decision made according to the conscience of the Olympic world (…) It is not the host state. » He calls on the Olympic Committee to engage Ukrainians in reflection.
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