May 20, 2024

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Heatwave: More than 1,000 dead in Portugal and Spain

Heatwave: More than 1,000 dead in Portugal and Spain

Although France faced a very strong heat wave, its European neighbors did not escape, with the Iberian Peninsula grieving over a thousand deaths directly affected by this heat wave.

Sahara temperature. In one month, Europe saw two Heat waves Acute with temperature above 40°C. If the peak of heat is expected this Monday FranceThe Iberian Peninsula has been facing a veritable reactor since last week, responsible for nearly a thousand deaths, as reported by local media and the Brazilian Press Agency. Folhaprus.

From Saturday to Sunday night, the Portuguese directorate of public health indicated that 659 deaths had occurred in the past seven days, with the heat reaching its peak last Thursday in the district of Visu, 300 km from Lisbon. 47°C.

In Spain, the Carlos III Health Institute has recorded 360 deaths related to rising temperatures in the country.

“Abnormally High Temperature”

Like France, the Iberian Peninsula is facing fires caused by the heat wave. On Sunday, Spanish authorities dealt with 20 people fire Still active and out of control. In Galicia, in the northwest of the country, around 4,500 hectares of land have been destroyed.

Paris municipality for Mondays and Tuesdays

In Málaga, Andalusia (south), 3,000 people fled their homes to escape several fires. Spain’s Meteorological Agency reported a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius on Sunday in the regions of Aragon, Navarre and La Rioja. Although temperatures are expected to drop on Monday, they will remain “unusually high”.

In Portugal, 1,000 firefighters have been mobilized to control 13 forest fires, the largest of which is near the city of Chaves. Almost all territories were under A red alert is “extremely high” fire risk. According to official figures published by Folhapress, the fire destroyed between 12,000 and 15,000 hectares.

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