April 17, 2024

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Horrifying photos of diver passing 3.5m giant squid (VIDEO)

Horrifying photos of diver passing 3.5m giant squid (VIDEO)

You don’t see a monster like this every day. In addition, the latter rarely leaves its natural habitat and swims in plain sight. That’s what happened in 2015. It was Christmas Eve, on the Toyama Bay side of central Japan. A giant snake, about 3.5 meters long, showed its tentacles on the surface, right under the eyes of passers-by. For several hours, the sea monster wandered between the boats and disappeared under the water.

Never seen!

A very surprising occurrence, especially when you know how rare such sightings are. If the patterns are typical of past decades detected The first records of a giant squid being found dead on beaches in its natural habitat were made in 2004 in the deep waters of the North Pacific. As for the first adult model captured on camera, it dates back to 2012.

How precious are the pictures taken in Japanese waters on December 24, 2015. Especially since the creature was not satisfied with a narrow appearance: it visited the bay for a long time, swimming under the fishing boats, as close as possible to the surface of the water, allowing passers-by to distinguish it more clearly.

Source: Youtube capture

The pictures were amazing

During the few hours spent in the bay, the squid got a (very) close approach with the underwater camera of the center’s owner, Akinobu Kimura. dive into Local diving shop Kaiyu. He took advantage of this look to wear a wetsuit and go swimming with the sea monster, as he later explained to CNN:

“My curiosity was greater than my fear, so I jumped into the water and walked towards it,” he recalls.

Then the diver continued:

“The pass was unscathed and vibrant. Spitting Trying to wrap its tentacles around Mai and me. I guided the squid to the sea, several hundred meters from the area where it was found, and it disappeared into the deep sea. »

A fisherwoman catches a large creature

In New Hampshire, USA, a fisherwoman experienced a similar situation. This time she caught a huge creature. It is a tuna, almost the same size as its boat.

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In the series shared by Dailymotion, the young American is seen reassembling the big fish (as she can) in her boat. As for the weight of the animal, it is small boat Pitch. Luckily she managed to pull it up.

On the internet, internet users can only be attracted by this video. In fact, one of them did not hide his shock by commenting:

“In my mind, a tuna is the size of a sardine. »

The largest bluefin tuna

If you agree with this netizen, you are wrong, because tuna is one of the largest fish. Especially the bluefin tuna, which holds the record for the species. If the tuna caught by young Michael Panswich seagull off the coast of New Hampshire was the size of a boat, it wasn’t. represented Certainly not the biggest ever caught.

In fact, in April 1986, a Japanese man caught a fish weighing 496 kg, or almost half a ton. But a fish caught in Canada weighs 497 kg. Compared to these giants, the fish in the video weighs 453 kg, so it does a poor job. Either way, the young American was proud of his fishing. It must be said that it is a great achievement!

Source: DTN