May 27, 2024

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In 24 hours, 151 people died and 21,072 were hospitalized

In 24 hours, 151 people died and 21,072 were hospitalized

Update on status – New Activities, New Ratings and Highlights: Le Picaro Provides an update on the latest developments in Kovit-19 epidemic.

Half of Shanghai has been locked up for four days, with Biden and another Biden spokesman, Israeli Prime Minister Bennett test positive … Le Picaro Provides an update on Monday 28th March on the latest information related to this Covit-19 International Distribution.

In 24 hours, 151 people died and 21,072 were hospitalized

The epidemic continues to rage in France, where 151 people have died in the past 24 hours, according to France’s daily report. 21,072 patients are currently hospitalized (20,606 on Sunday), including 1,694 who arrived on Monday. 1533 patients are being treated in the intensive care units. 174 of them are from the previous day.

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Spain: No isolation for mild and asymptomatic events

I ‘Spain Isolation of Kovit-19 eliminated the need for mild cases, and as part of a new strategy to treat the disease as a local disease will now only monitor those who are seriously ill or vulnerable. The country justified this change by the very high immunity of the population and the current low incidence.

As the government announced in January, it would no longer consider Govt-19 as a pandemic, but as a local disease similar to the epidemiological surveillance flu. According to the Ministry of Health, thisDifferent strategy“Focusing on Efforts”On people and environments at risk“, What”Involves accepting a certain amount of exchange“Govt”In vaccinated and young people“.

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In addition to eliminating the obligation to isolate themselves in asymptomatic and mild cases and contact cases, the government concludes systematic testing of all suspicious cases or contact cases, including those at risk (over 60, immunocompromised or pregnant women), caregivers and serious cases.

Half of Shanghai was detained for four days

Control in two stages: The Shanghai half China’s economic capital of 25 million people has been put under the glass this Monday as it faces the worst Govt-19 eruption in two years. Shanghai nationals living east of the city have been locked inside their homes until 5am on April 1 and have been barred from leaving. On this date, it will be the turn of the West.

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Until then, Shanghai had sought to avoid a full blockade, which would be very detrimental to the economy, and instead sought to reduce the barrier with a more targeted approach: a 48-hour blockade of buildings or residential complexes. The metropolis has recently become a hub for new wave pollution, coupled with the Omigron variant, which began accelerating in early March and testing China’s zero Govt strategy. The Ministry of Health on Monday registered 3,500 new positive cases in Shanghai.

He tested positive after meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Bennett Blingen

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett Has tested positive For Govt-19, his office announced the next day for a meeting on Monday in Jerusalem between Naphtali Bennett and Foreign Secretary Anthony Blingen, who were attending a meeting with his colleagues from the Arab world. “The Prime Minister said he was well and would continue his schedule as planned from his homeHis office said in a statement.

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Anthony Blingen, who arrived in Israel on Saturday evening, normalized their relations with the Hebrew government from the Arab world to meet with Israeli diplomat Yair Lapid before leaving for the Nakhon (southern Israel) with Naphtali Bennett on Sunday.

Another Biden spokesman with Govt-19

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre announced on Sunday that she had tested positive for Govt-19 after traveling with the president to Europe. Joe Biden, He took part in it because the spokesperson had done a positive test on the topic. Kareen Jean-Pierre is the latest in a series of positive cases among people who have met the US president.

He explained that the PCR test came back positive after returning to the US on Sunday morning from a tour with Joe Biden in Brussels and Poland. Last Tuesday, Mr. The day before Biden’s departure, spokesman Jen Zaki announced that he was positive for Kovit’s illness.

Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi has been isolated in the Kovit case among her entourage

Aung San Suu KyiA man close to the former Burmese leader told the AFP on Monday that he had been under house arrest for more than a year and had been isolated following the discovery of Govt-19 cases in his entourage.

Some people around her have been diagnosed with Govt-19 (…) She is isolated, yet she does not affect herself.“The source said that the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner, who has been the target of numerous legal actions since his arrest, did not appear in court since Thursday, the same source added.

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