April 22, 2024

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Israeli military confirms airstrikes in eastern Lebanon kill two Hezbollah members

Israeli military confirms airstrikes in eastern Lebanon kill two Hezbollah members

On Monday February 26, the Israeli army launched strikes on eastern Lebanon, targeting Hezbollah targets for the first time since the start of the war in Gaza, killing at least two of its members. According to the Israeli military, the strikes came in response to a surface-to-air missile attack by Hezbollah that destroyed a large Israeli drone over southern Lebanon. Follow our live stream.

Israel is preparing its ground attack on Rafah. Israeli army “He presented to the War Cabinet a plan for the evacuation of people from the war zones in the Gaza Strip and a plan for future operations.”Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said in a brief statement on Monday, without providing details.

Rafah, Hamas's “last bastion”. According to Benjamin Netanyahu, the city of Rafah, Supported by Egypt's closed border The “The Last Castle” Islamic movement Hamas. There will only be one attack “late” He announced on Sunday on American channel CBS that a ceasefire currently being negotiated would end. By initiating this action, Israel will be “a few weeks” A “Total Victory” On Hamas, he said.

Discussions on a new ceasefire are ongoing. Egypt, Qatar and US representatives, along with Israel and Hamas, resumed talks in Doha on Sunday. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday, “Middle Earth” The discovery was made during a recent meeting in Paris between representatives of Israel, the United States, Egypt and Qatar “Definitions” A possible deal for the release of the hostages and “Temporary Ceasefire”.

Airstrikes continue in southern Gaza. DFresh bombings on Sunday targeted Rafah and fighting erupted in the ruined city of Khan Yunis a few kilometers to the north. Since the start of the war, triggered by an unprecedented Hamas attack on October 7, the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip has suffered a major humanitarian disaster and 2.2 million people, the majority of the population, are under threat. “Mass Starvation”UN

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