June 20, 2024

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Jennifer Lawrence has a huge fear of a certain type of actor - Deadline

Jennifer Lawrence has a huge fear of a certain type of actor – Deadline

With some people, it’s ghosts. Others, dogs. Then there are fears of heights, clowns, or dolls.

Jennifer Lawrence has a different awe: the way the actors.

Lawrence came clean during YouTube’s “Hot Ones” that she would be “nervous” to work with a Methodist actor.

“I would be afraid to work with someone who has a style because I would have no idea how to talk to them. Like, do I have to be personal?” said Lawrence. “That would make me nervous. But I haven’t seen any other process that I would be curious about, because you don’t really know about it all the time.”

Lawrence actually worked with a Methodist actor when she teamed up with Christian Bale on a David O. Russell movie American extortion. She tried the technique herself at that party.

“I was always on/off, on/off until I did ‘American Hustle’ when I worked with Chrisitan Bale and noticed when the camera started rolling and the crew kind of started prepping like it was 10 seconds or whatever it was until it worked,” Lawrence recalled. Then I saw it and I said, ‘That sounds like a really good idea.’ And then I started doing it.”

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