April 23, 2024

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"The Flash" remains No. 1 vs.  Jennifer Lawrence's "No Hard Feelings" - Deadline

“The Flash” remains No. 1 vs. Jennifer Lawrence’s “No Hard Feelings” – Deadline

Friday afternoon: Two Disney/Pixar animated films racist Sony Animation monolith, Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse has rotten the light And they are fighting a fierce battle for the first place with approx $18 million A piece after Friday is estimated to be around $5.4 million.

If a significant portion of these numbers remain constant, racistwhich scored one of the lowest openings for a Pixar film in recent memory at $29.6 million (though not as low as the first Toy Story which grossed $29.1 million), will see a second weekend with a 39% share, which isn’t that bad. This will take 10 days $65 million in 4,035 theaters, which is $5 million more than the pandemic disaster onwards.

Meanwhile, there is no such thing as super tired via spider-verse It fell 33% in the four-week end, and its current total by EOD on Sunday swung to 315.8 million dollars in 3,785 theaters. on sunday, via spider-verse He would be 14% ahead of Tom Holland Spider-Man: Homecoming (which ended with $334.2 million), 5% behind Actor Spider-Man: Far From Home (which finished at US$390.5 million). Wow Wow wow.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros./DC’s the light Looking at the second friday of $4.3 millionand the second weekend of $14 million, now down a whopping 75%. If this continues, it will be worse than the second weekend drop of -66% that Warner Bros./DC’s faced. Green Lantern Back in 2011. The current total of flash By Sunday it will be about $86.3 million in 4,256 theaters.

flash It may lose third place to Sony’s new Jennifer Lawrence comedyAnd No hard feelings who has a shot at $14 million – $15 million after $5.3 million Fridays in 3,208 Theaters.

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Fifth place goes to Paramount Transformers: Rise of the Monsters With the third friday of 3 million dollars3 days from $10.6 million-49% and the running total $121.9 million. Yes, the seventh robot in the masked movie will certainly beat the domestic gross of the last two transformers films: The last knight At a price of 130.1 million dollars and Bumblebee At a price of 127.1 million dollars.

(LR) “The Flash,” “No Hard Feelings,” and “Asteroid City”


and a second weekend starring Wes Anderson for Focus Features Asteroid City It looks even better than the filmmaker’s second and third weekends French Dispatch ($2 million +) with $7.5 million in 1,675 theatres. This will determine a total of 10 days for the comedy series in $8.7 million.

Friday morning: Sony’s mission is to bring comedy back to the big screen with this R-rated Jennifer Lawrence movie No hard feelings It started on Thursday, when he made the movie $2.15 million from showtimes starting at 4 p.m. in 2,745 locations. The pic is hoping to make around $12 million this weekend in what will be the second session where Warner Bros. has failed. the light Don’t hope to get stuck at -70%. On the low end is $16.5 million. A good acquisition would be 55% north of $24 million.

the light It grossed $2.8 million on Thursday in 4,234 theaters, down 9% from Wednesday, for a first-week total of $72.3 million. That amount of money is what the tracking thought the DC pic would do in Weekend 1.

No companies are truly post-pandemic No hard feelings Since we haven’t had a smutty comedy in a while. The pic made Universal’s best rom-com Heaven ticketwhich made $1.1 million from its Thursday showtimes starting at 5 p.m. (though this pic is old and PG-13). Heaven ticket It opened to $16.5 million.

For director Gene Stupnitsky, who helped No hard feelingss, his earlier comedy Good boys It was a high point for the sleazy fare at the box office, opening to a pre-pandemic $21.4 million in August 2019 and grossing $83.1 million. God knows if these kinds of numbers can be achieved anymore because the industry has mandated audiences watch comedies in their homes on streaming versus set in theaters. But again, it comes down to the product. Nothing is possible at the box office until it breaks through the genre and changes the course of history; Remember how pirate movies were the kiss of death up Pirates of the Caribbean It came along?

The critics didn’t get it No hard feelings It has a score of 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the audience on early RT reactions seems to be at 88%. Out of the gate on Comscore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak, the Lawrence-led comedy got 4 stars, 84% positive – not bad. Last night saw 37% of men over 25, 29% of women over 25, 19% of women under 25 and 15% of men under 25.

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Focus features an expansion of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City It got off to a great start with $1.1 million from 1,400 theaters last night in previews. The film swells from six locations in Los Angeles and New York to 1,675 locations today. This past weekend, the absurdist comedy troupe scored the best post-pandemic average theatrical opening with $140,000. The film is expected to release in the single digits in its second weekend. Anderson’s previous film, French Dispatchreleased when audiences were still trying to get back into theaters in the fall of 2021, grossed north of $2 million when it went to a 1,000-plus theatrical break during its third weekend.

Asteroid City It holds a fresh score of 74% from Rotten Tomatoes critics, a score lower than the previous ratings French Dispatch was at 75%. This picture also scored 76% with audiences on RT vs Asteroid City which is currently 69%. PostTrak on Asteroid City is also 4 stars, but 79% positive. Thursday night’s attendance consisted of 42% of men over 25, 28% of women over 25, 16% of men under 25, and 15% of women under 25.

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Other activities Thursday: Sony Animation Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse All Pictures releases in regular release with $3.6 million (-5% from Wednesday) in 3,873 theaters, which is good for a third week of $45.2 million and a total of $297.8 million. Today’s Marvel pic will cross the three century mark.

Disney / Pixar racist It finished second in 4,035 theaters with $3.5 million, through Wednesday, for its first week with $46.9 million. This is less than the first week of a Pixar movie affected by the pandemic onwardswhich grossed $49.7 million in its first week. Warner / DC the light The third was yesterday.

Paramount Transformers: Rise of the Monsters It made $1.9 million yesterday from 3,680 showrooms, down -5% from Wednesday, for the second week at $30.7 million and a total of $111.3 million.

Disney the little Mermaid In 3,480 theaters, it grossed $1.7 million, down -5% for the fourth week from $19.5 million. Its running total is $261.5 million.

The May 1-June 19 summer box office is $1.52 billion from 11 wide releases (north of 2,000 theaters). That’s up 2.3% prior to last summer, which was $1.49 billion for the framework from six wide releases. The 2023 summer launch fund trails 11% from pre-pandemic 2019, which generated $1.7 billion for the May 1-June 19 period from 17 broad issues (north of 2,000 locations).