May 29, 2024

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Sheridan plans more "Yellowstone" spin-offs.

Sheridan plans more “Yellowstone” spin-offs.

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As we know, “Yellowstone” will be wrapping up the second part of its fifth season when it airs. Paramount originally announced it would return to screens in November, but the writer’s strike and suspicions surrounding Kevin Koster’s involvement likely pushed that back.

One of the gains is that the final round can be extended. talk with THRcreator Taylor Sheridan says the originally planned six-episode finale run could take longer: “If I think it’s going to take 10 episodes to finish, they’ll give me 10, it’ll be as long as it takes.”

Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey is in such a late stage of negotiations for a “new chapter” of the saga that Sheridan told the trade that the actor “seems a natural fit” to join the franchise.

It also hints that the McConaughey-led spin-off, whose title is expected to include “Yellowstone,” may include a new cast and location as the outlines of the proposed series have been developed so far. When asked if any of the surviving Yellowstone characters would pass on to the new project, Sheridan replied:

“My idea of ​​a spin-off is the same as my idea of ​​a prequel — read into that what you will. There are a lot of places where a 150-year-old way of life slams a new way of life, but the challenges are very different. There are a lot of places you can tell this story.” .

Sheridan is also planning several prequels for “Yellowstone,” which has yet to be announced. Even as viewers tighten their belts, Sheridan expects these titles to become more expensive, with at least $10-15 million spent per episode on his shows:

“[The prequels are] Time capsules of life in Montana as a microcosm of the world at large. They’re big scenes, and the more you move into modern times, the bigger that scene becomes.

I know these are huge bets that Paramount is making every single time. I ask them to give me Game of Thrones season 6 money for what’s basically a pilot every year, and that’s a big ask.

As long as I do my job well, and people don’t put up with that kind, I think there will be enough for many more [prequels] – Three or four. Chris McCarthy trusts me, because I’m not wrong yet.”

Sheridan remains busy with recent episodes of “Yellowstone,” the second and final season of “1923,” the launch of The Bass Reeves Show, and the series “Special Ops: Lion” with Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman.

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