Monday, July 22, 2024

Kyiv urges West to transfer frozen Russian assets to it


While its armed forces are fighting on the front lines, a new plea from Kyiv. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Chymikal on Monday, March 4, pressed the West to transfer to his country 300 billion euros in Russian assets frozen since the start of the conflict. The objective: to prevent allied elections, particularly within the US and EU, from affecting support for kyiv. “The help of our partners is a very important tool, but we need predictability and stability regardless of the weather, political fluctuations, election cycles around the world.”, Denys Chmygal announced during a press conference. Follow our live stream.

Berlin denies summoning its ambassador to Moscow. The German ambassador to Russia was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry to explain himself after exchanges between German officials regarding the supply of arms to Kiev were broadcast from Russia on social networks, they said. A charge Berlin denied a few hours later. “Our ambassador had a long-planned meeting at the Russian Foreign Ministry this morning”A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry told reporters.

Secret conversations between German officials leaked. Russian media aired a recording of senior German officials discussing arming Kyiv for strikes on Crimea. The Russian head of state is looking for “To destabilize us, to make us insecure”, said German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. That “Part of Putin's Information War”he added.

“We are waiting for an American solution.” As a $60 billion (55.3 billion euro) aid package in the US continues to be blocked, kyiv faces a shortage of ammunition.“We are waiting for our essentials”The Ukrainian president insisted. Russia has lost fifteen military aircraft since the beginning of Februaryhe added. The more likely we are to shoot down Russian planes, the more likely we are to save Ukrainian lives.