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Nikki Haley won her first Republican primary in Washington over Donald Trump


It's unlikely to stop Donald Trump's momentum, but Nikki Haley, the former US president's only rival for the Republican primaries, scored her first victory in the presidential race on Sunday, March 3. Inauguration ceremony for the November 2024 presidential election.

The former UN ambassador under the Trump administration (2017-2021) won over the former president in Washington, receiving 63% of the vote during this primary held at a single location, a downtown hotel. politics, It quotes party officials from the federal capital.

The majority of Washington, DC residents are Democrats, and the city has a small number of registered Republicans. One of the media outlets that announced M's victory on Sunday was the CNN channelme Haley estimates their number at 22,000. The city has never voted more for a Republican presidential candidate. Democratic candidate Joe Biden won 92% of the vote in Washington against Mr Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

This symbolic victory for Nikki Haley comes two days before “Super Tuesday,” a significant date on the presidential primary calendar during which American voters are called to the polls in fifteen states.

On Saturday, Donald Trump won Missouri, Michigan and Idaho on Saturday, increasing his lead and favorite status to represent the Republican Party in November's election.

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“Queen of the Swamp,” mocks Donald Trump

This is stated in a statement released by Nikki Haley's campaign team“No wonder the Republicans closest to Washington's dysfunctions are rejecting Donald Trump and all his mess”.

“Nikki Haley Crowned Queen of the Swamp”For its part, Donald Trump's campaign announced (“Drain the Swamp”In other words, rid Washington of its machinations and conflicts of interest). “Tonight's Washington, DC results reaffirm President Trump's campaign goal: He will drain the swamp and put America first”adds his team in a press release.

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Donald Trump, despite his legal setbacks, won all the states that had already voted in the primaries ahead of “Super Tuesday.” Tuesday promises to be her only challenger Nikki Haley's last chance.

For Democrats, the suspense is even less, as outgoing President Joe Biden will undoubtedly be his party's nominee.

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