May 25, 2024

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Live War in Ukraine: For Putin, the conflict is good for the country’s economy

Live War in Ukraine: For Putin, the conflict is good for the country’s economy


An air raid alert has been issued across the country


The Danish government has created a billion-dollar fund for civil and military aid to Ukraine

The Danish government and the majority of parties in the Danish parliament have agreed to create a one-billion-dollar fund for civil, military and commercial aid to Ukraine.


US senators from both parties are urging the Pentagon to send F-16s to Ukraine

According to U.S. senators from both parties, the Pentagon should send F-16s to Ukraine. “This would be a significant, game-changing capability on the battlefield,” the eight senators wrote in a letter to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Politico reported.


Russian officials are increasingly subject to restrictions on foreign travel

Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russian officials and workers have been subject to strict restrictions on travel abroad, the British Ministry of Defense said. “Kremlin officials have been banned from all international pleasure travel,” the intelligence services said, adding: “This is an extension of pre-Soviet-era measures.” These travel restrictions were tightened after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.


Reconstruction of incident between US drone and Russian warplane

CBS channel has released a reconstruction of the incident between the American drone and the Russian warplane.


Joint military exercises by China, Iran and Russia in the Gulf of Oman

China, Iran and Russia will conduct maritime exercises in the Gulf of Oman from today, the Chinese Ministry of Defense said. The exercises will be held till March 19.


US drone: Russian ambassador to US calls on Washington to halt “hostile” drones

“We assume that the United States will refrain from further speculation in the media and stop flights near Russian borders,” Antonov said in a statement on Telegram. “We consider any action involving the use of American weapons to be openly hostile,” he stressed.


RAF and German planes intercepted the Russian plane

British Royal Air Force and German fighter jets intercepted a Russian plane flying over Estonian airspace, the BBC reported. “The standoff is routine, but this is the first time the two countries have taken such action together,” the BBC reported. The two countries are conducting joint NATO air patrol operations in the area and have intercepted a supply plane after it failed to communicate with Estonian air traffic control.


Four people were injured in the Kherson region

Four people were wounded in the Kherson region in a Russian attack. Two civilians and two State Emergency Service officers were injured.


In 2022, Russia saved $80 billion in foreign assets

According to Bloomberg, in the first year of its war against Ukraine, Russia made almost a third of its profits by exporting raw materials abroad. According to Bloomberg, it could be a new target for Western sanctions.


Negotiations onUkrainian grain exports will continue at least until March 18

According to the United Nations, negotiations on the export deal will continue until March 18. For now, these negotiations remain uncertain. Ukraine considers the ball to be in the court of the United Nations and Ankara as a “guarantee of the effort”.


More than 500 people are believed to have been taken prisoner in the Zaporizhia region

According to Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedoro, more than 500 people from Zaporizhia are believed to have been taken captive. “There are nearly 50 government employees, including employees of local bodies,” the mayor said. According to Fedoro, the invaders are now transporting prisoners en masse from one location to another. He says that if earlier the prisoners were kept near Vasilivka, now they were taken to Melitopol and occupied Crimea.

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Almost 9,081 unemployed Ukrainians joined the “revival army” program

According to the National Employment Service, “more than 9,000 unemployed people from 14 regions have participated in social service work, accelerating the country’s recovery”. 1.4 million euros were allocated to salaries to carry out socially useful work.


Putin says war is good for Russia’s economy

“Despite some costs, I think the last year was only good for us because we became more sovereign and independent,” Vladimir Putin said. He said he feared the Russian economy would fail and collapse, but “nothing like that happened.”


654,000 tonnes of grains were exported in March

Between March 6, 2023 and March 12, 2023, a total of 654,000 tons of agricultural products were exported through the ports of Odessa region, which is 36% less than the previous week, according to the Ukrainian Association of Agricultural Business (UCAB). During this period, sixteen ships were loaded in the ports of Odessa region, which is four ships less than the previous week. The majority of export shipments consisted of corn (49% of the total), wheat (21%) and soybeans (11%). Ukrainian agricultural products were exported to Asia (China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey), Europe (Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, etc.) and Africa (Libya).


Zelensky pays tribute to the volunteers

In his last video intervention, President Zelensky signed decrees honoring 363 Ukrainian volunteers, including 47 posthumously. “Since February 24, 2014, hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens have become Ukrainian volunteers defending Ukraine against Russian aggression. Millions of people help! They are looking for everything they need to defend themselves, treat the wounded, rehabilitate, recover after Russian strikes, and work for Ukraine and Ukrainians. The strength of our security and defense forces lies in the strength of our people,” he said.

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Putin accepted Assad

Russian President Vladimir Putin will later meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the Kremlin. “Topical issues related to the development of Russian-Syrian cooperation in the political, economic, commercial and humanitarian spheres and opportunities for a coordinated solution to the situation in Syria and across the country will be discussed,” the prime minister said yesterday. The Kremlin.


Moscow wants “practical relations” with the United States

After the drone incident in the Black Sea, the Russian ambassador in Washington pleaded for “pragmatic relations” with the United States. Anatoly Antonov explained: “I think it would be best to discuss the possibility of cooperation and mutual actions in the State Department, but unfortunately my contact with the State Department was to respond to their protests about the actions of Russia recently. Federation,’ he said. “As far as we are concerned, we do not want a conflict between the United States and Russia.” He recalled.


Oil prices fall

Oil prices ended sharply lower on Tuesday, hitting a four-month low, after soaring highs linked to the war in Ukraine, with operators still worried about a possible slowdown following a cash crunch.


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