June 13, 2024

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Live – War in Ukraine: Mariupol tries again to evict its citizens

Live – War in Ukraine: Mariupol tries again to evict its citizens

Exchanged again with Israeli Prime Minister Zhelensky

Naftali Bennett spoke with Zelensky again this Sunday, according to a spokesman for the Israeli prime minister. Reuters. This is the third conversation between the two leaders in two days.

At the moment, a Reuters spokesman did not provide further details on the issues discussed during the discussion.

On Saturday, Naftali Bennett visited Moscow, where he spoke with Vladimir Putin about the Ukrainian crisis.

US ‘actively’ with Poland to send warplanes to Ukraine

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has said that the United States is actively working on a deal with Poland to send fighter jets to Ukraine.

A senior US official, who is far from the Ukrainian border, visited the country yesterday.

“It is impossible to talk about a timetable, but I can say that we are looking at it very actively,” Anthony Blinken told reporters during a visit to Moldova.

The UN says more than 1.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine in ten days

According to a new account, the UN estimates that more than 1.5 million Ukrainians have fled the country since the start of the Russian invasion. This figure is the fastest growing refugee crisis since World War II.

“More than 1.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine in ten days to neighboring countries. This is the fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II,” High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi tweeted.

In Russia, journalists are “the sword of Tomokills over their heads,” says the head of the Reporters Without Borders organization.

Despite the fact that many media outlets have recently announced that they will suspend their coverage or their correspondents in Russia, the head of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is provoking “extraordinary” actions in the face of “arbitrary” Russian laws on BFMTV this Sunday.

“This is an indication that Tomokills’ sword is very dangerous over the heads of journalists. They have no choice but to make this decision,” the RSF leader declared.

“In Russia, it is almost impossible to work as a journalist,” said Deloitte.

Moldova seeks extra help from US to welcome Ukrainian refugees

Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita on Sunday called on the United States to provide humanitarian assistance to her country, which currently has 120,000 people, seeking refugees fleeing Ukraine.

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A significant number of this small country of 2.6 million people is one of the poorest in Europe, he argued with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen, who is currently visiting the country.

“We need help dealing with such an arrival and we need it very quickly,” he said.

Boris Johnson asked, “Have we done enough for Ukraine? No answer.”

In a post published on New York Times This Sunday morning, the British Prime Minister reaffirmed that “Vladimir Putin’s aggression must fail and be viewed as such.”

“Have we done enough for Ukraine? The honest answer is no,” Boris Johnson wrote in an American newspaper column.

According to the tenant of 11 Downing Street, Vladimir Putin is “further immersed in a vicious campaign of war crimes and unimaginable violence against civilians.”

In his final six recommendations, Boris Johnson declared that the continuation of sanctions, especially against Russia, and the contribution of military means to the Ukrainians were essential to confront the Russian president.

Russia’s central bank calls on banks to stop publishing their financial statements

On Sunday the Russian central bank asked banks not to release their financial statements because of the Western sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine, which threatened to destroy the banking sector and people’s savings.

The Bank of Russia explains that “controlling the risks to credit institutions due to Western sanctions is a question.”

As Swift disconnects from some of the larger Russian banks, it restricts its ability to transact with foreign countries, thereby preventing capital outflows and panic attacks.

The United States and Poland are considering sending Soviet aircraft to Ukraine

Several media outlets reported on Saturday that the United States was considering an agreement with Poland to supply Soviet-era fighter jets to Ukraine in exchange for US F-16 fighter jets. Bloomberg.

“We are working with the Poles on this issue and we are consulting with our other NATO allies,” a White House official was quoted as saying in a statement.

This morning, Kiev was urging the West to provide military assistance, including aircraft, to defend against Russian invasion.

The city of Mariupol announces that it wants to evict its citizens from noon (local time).

The city of Mariupol announces this Sunday that it wants to evacuate its citizens from noon local time (11 a.m. Paris time), ending a new ceasefire.

“The evacuation of the public will begin at noon,” the municipality said via telegram, adding that a humanitarian walkway would be set up about three hours away from the city of Japaroji.

The municipality says buses will be set up so that people without traffic can leave the city. He told the Telegram that the Red Cross would come up with an eviction process.

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The first evacuation attempt on Saturday failed, with the municipality accusing Russian forces of violating the ceasefire on several occasions.

Update situation at 9am.

நகரம் The city of Mariupol is the target of intense shelling. Mayor Mariupol said the situation in the city was “very difficult”, “a humanitarian siege” and subject to intense shelling. Strategic port The southeast of the country was besieged by Russian forces.

கடுமையான “Fierce fighting” going on in the North and South. Ukrainian civil servants are fighting “fiercely” against Russian forces for control of the southern cities of Mikholev and northern Chernikov, Ukrainian civil servants said in a Facebook statement Sunday morning. Ukrainian military operations were also underway in the Donetsk region.

Zhelensky spoke with Biden. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Twitter again this Sunday that he had telephoned US President Joe Biden to discuss “security issues”, “financial support for Ukraine” and “continued sanctions against Russia.”

Florence barley is expected in Romania. The French Minister for Armed Forces, the President, the Prime Minister and the Romanian Minister for Armed Forces are due to visit NATO troops stationed in Romania, far from the Ukrainian border, this Sunday. The site is less than 200 km by road from the Ukrainian border and is of special interest to the French Minister of Management on this site.

Third phase of talks on Monday. David Arakamiya, a member of the Ukrainian delegation, announced on Saturday that talks between Ukraine and Russia should resume on Monday. Beijing, for its part, called for direct talks between Russia and Ukraine on the same day, according to an official Chinese statement.

The mayor said the city of Mariupol was the target of a serious bombing

The mayor of Mariupol, a strategic port in the southeastern part of the country besieged by Russian forces, described the situation in Mariupol as “a humanitarian siege” and a serious bombing.

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According to him, the bombings in the last few days have caused “thousands of injuries” and Russian forces are blocking the arrival of food and medicine.

“The city of Mariupol is no more,” he said.

The evacuation of civilians was postponed Saturday due to several Russian ceasefire violations, with the mayor’s office in Moscow accusing Moscow of preventing Ukrainian ‘nationalists’ from leaving and using the ceasefire to strengthen their security.

Putin threatens to strip Ukraine of “state rights”

On the eleventh day of this Sunday’s invasion, the Russian military maintains pressure on southern Ukraine and Kiev, threatening to seize President Vladimir Putin’s “state status”. On Saturday, he likened the international sanctions imposed on Russia to a “declaration of war.”

According to a report by Ukrainian civil servants posted on Facebook on Sunday, the Russian military has continued its offensive, “concentrating its main operations in the vicinity of the cities of Kiev, Kharkiv (eastern) and Mykoliv (southern).”

The Armed Forces Minister is expected in Romania this Sunday

French Foreign Minister Florence Barley and the President, Prime Minister and Romanian Minister of Armed Forces are due to visit NATO troops stationed in Romania, not far from the Ukrainian border, this Sunday.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, France and Belgium sent about 800 troops to the NATO base Mihail Kogalniceanu, where US troops are already stationed near the port of Constanta.

The French Armed Forces Minister specifically had to go to the French camp on this site, which is less than 200 kilometers by road from the Ukrainian border.

Biden and Zhelensky spoke, including on sanctions against Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky announced on Sunday that he had telephone conversations with US President Joe Biden again to discuss US financial assistance to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

“As part of the ongoing dialogue, I had a new conversation with OPOTUS (US President, Editor’s note). .

Good morning everyone

Good morning everyone. Welcome to this new live dedicated to the eleventh day of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The first live broadcast on Saturday, March 5 can be found here.