March 21, 2023

Balkan Travellers

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The Russian offensive in Mariupol continues, with Visa and MasterCard suspending operations in Russia

In Dinibro, a crowd of Ukrainian refugees waiting for a train

Waiting, rushing, saying goodbye … Thousands of people gathered at the Dinifro station in central Ukraine to catch a train in the west and try to escape the Russian bombing.

Residents said they did not want to wait to become Dnipro “Next Kharkiv”Ukraine’s second city in the northeast, near the Russian border, scene of some heavy bombings since the beginning of the war.

Men between the ages of 18 and 60 could not leave Ukraine, but many came to say goodbye to their wives, mothers and children when they left. “We send our wives and children to Lviv, and we’re right here. We try to be positive, but it’s a scary situation.”Mason Andrei Krishenko, 40, of Kharkiv, describes.

Although most passengers planned to board the Lviv, station staff said they had no information on when or where the trains would arrive.

‘I don’t care where my family can be as far as Kharkiv’, Nikola Kryzhenko, 44, calculates a driver who counts Kharkiv back as his relatives board the train. His elderly parents, unable to move, stayed there.

The municipality, which faced a large number of travelers trying to leave the city, announced in a telegram that it would establish a special barrier to protect the crowd. Mayor Boris Filatov called on the men who had come to say goodbye to their families to stay away from the docks.