February 24, 2024

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Nuclear Submarines: For Australia, the difficulties are mounting

Nuclear Submarines: For Australia, the difficulties are mounting

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Suddenly, after years of poking fun at the French plan, the Navy agreed with the group before parting ways Australian Journal Canberra is now pondering the consequences of its choice to ally itself with the United States and the United Kingdom.

Now, in between Expenses Stimulated and unstimulated, neat sum 350 billion dollars Mentioned in Canberra for a long time… Fictitious or not, the mention of such an alleged amount reminds us above all how far along the project is. In a recent article, reported by several American and British reports, the site Strategic Analysis Australia Even mentions the risk Industrial dead end.

A three-pronged plan

Equipment plan Australian Navy It actually takes place in three phases. First, a phase of introduction to the country – not included Submarines has Nuclear propulsionNi D Technology Nuclear military or civil – with these devices, via Creation Sailors, Engineers, Technicians.

These startedUS Navy Maintenance procedures for an attack submarine near Pearl Harbor. Same thing on the Faslane page Royal Navy. This is The year is 2024Australian sailors must also be assigned to sea on American ships.University of Manchester Need to strengthen Collaboration Together with its Australian counterpart at Blinders, it will eventually help deliver the project, with a desire to develop nuclear masters.

As a second phase, Australia will purchase three US Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarines, with an option for two more. The first two block IV type units (4e evolution of the class) will be sold 2032 And 2035.

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Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?

Generation of IV modules put into service 2020And so far 2027, Australia should benefit from units aged between six and fifteen years… Virginias have an estimated life expectancy of 33 years. They are larger than the French Barracuda: 115 meters long to displace 7,900 tons submerged compared to 100 meters and 5,300 tons. In 2038In the Block VII configuration, the US Navy will provide a third example.

The third, and most ambitious, phase of the project will see the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom join forces to develop a new generation of submarines. Five more “new generation” submarines are to be built on Australian soil Thousands of jobs Eventually, with the cooperation of the Americans and the British. A program called SSN-Aukus should have delivered its first copy 2040.

Budget and logistical concerns

This is precisely where the bat can get hurt. First, it is not certain at this stage that future Australian submarines will be built near Adelaide. Government The Australian has stated its desire to begin construction by the end of the decade.

In a recent report by an independent body of the US Congress, responsible for the study Finance Act of American forces 2024 and advise, the US Navy's plan is undermined by the reality of the statistics.

conduct goals According to the ambitious tripartite agreement, the US Navy wants to increase production of submarines by 150% in five years. Other than that, really, with an additional SSBN on the shopping list, we won't go from an average of 1.4 submarines per year to two in the blink of an eye.

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America is no longer in control of it CalendarAs a serious cause Labor shortage (less than 25% of requirements according to some sources) and complications supply chain.

Another organization strongly questions the US Navy's budgetary ability to successfully carry out the plan presented today. A hole in the side Finance Ten Year Acquisition Plan for the British Forces.

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