Sunday, July 21, 2024

Live – War in Ukraine: Kherson “under heavy fire” from Russians, one dead and one wounded


7 a.m. A chance to look back on the events of the past few hours:

– At least eleven people, including five children, were killed yesterday during a Russian strike in and around Pokrovsk in eastern Ukraine. According to the governor of Donetsk region, the strike damaged six houses in Pokrovsk and one in Rivne, which housed a family of six. Emergency services say six people, including two children, may be trapped in the rubble of the two affected buildings.

– Elsewhere in Ukraine, an adult and two children were injured in shelling in the Kherson region in the south, one person was killed, another was killed and two others were injured in Toretsk near Baghmut, in Nikopol in the south, in the east. respective regional authorities.

– In Russian-occupied territories, two people were killed and several others injured by Ukrainian bombings on Makhivka and Korlivka in the east. Russia also claimed to have shot down four Ukrainian missiles aimed at Crimea.

– Authorities in the Russian city of Belgorod have canceled an Orthodox Christmas nighttime celebration after already extending the school holidays until January 19 and recommending the evacuation of residents. The unprecedented move for a major city in Russia is a blow to the ambitions of the Kremlin, which has always strived to give the image that the conflict does not directly affect the daily lives and security of Russians.

– Another thorn in the authorities' side, Russian women mobilized to fight in Ukraine in September 2022 on Vladimir Putin's orders took a symbolic act of protest by placing flowers at the foot of the Kremlin walls on Saturday. Flame of the Unknown Soldier.

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