April 13, 2024

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“Related” faction of IS carried out “many attempts” in France, Emmanuel Macron says

“Related” faction of IS carried out “many attempts” in France, Emmanuel Macron says

A branch of the Islamic State (IS) jihadist organization “related to” 137 people were killed in the attack near Moscow “I have made several attempts in recent months” On top of that “Soul” French, announced Monday March 25 Emmanuel Macron, after raising the Vigbrate program to its maximum level. “We must guard against any instrumentalization or distortion, but be demanding and efficient. It is in this spirit that we are moving forward, and I hope Russia will do the same.The French president said upon his arrival in Guyana, while Vladimir Putin pointed to Ukraine's responsibility. IS declined to comment on the claim.

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“Trying to turn this situation against Ukraine would be cynical and counterproductive for Russia and the security of its citizens.”He insisted to reporters.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for Friday evening's attack on a concert hall on the outskirts of the Russian capital. Its Afghan branch, the Islamic State of Khorasan (IS-K), is a prime suspect in the eyes of global terrorism experts.

According to Emmanuel Macron, French intelligence believes it is the agency “This attack was planned and carried out”.

“Increased Collaboration”

The executive took note during a Sunday evening meeting at the Elysée “This particular group, apparently involved in this attack, has carried out several attempts on our own soil in recent months.”State President explained. “Therefore, as a precautionary measure, but with reliable and solid elements taking into account its branches and its purposes”He has “I decided to raise the posture of Vigbrate”It was reduced in January.

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Emmanuel Macron has pledged to France “Proposed to Russian services and our partners in the region, increased cooperation”, “Taking into account information available to our services and elements useful to Russians”.

Asked if he himself could speak directly to his Russian counterpart about this, he replied that it would be communicated at the level. “Technical and Ministerial” In “first time”. “We will see how the environment develops and whether the coming days or weeks justify it”he added.

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