April 16, 2024

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Republican Senator Proposes Ban on Abortion After 15 Weeks

Republican Senator Proposes Ban on Abortion After 15 Weeks

However, the text, written by Lindsey Graham, plans to drop all abortion bans adopted by more than a dozen states since the Supreme Court’s decision.

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It’s a plan Raises an outcry among US Democrats. Influential Republican Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill on Tuesday, September 13, to ban abortion across the United States after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion rights have been at the center of political debate since the Supreme Court’s ruling last June, which left each state with a ban on its own soil.

Lindsey Graham, close to former President Donald Trump, praised his speech on Tuesday, promising it would provide a solution. “Consensus” On the question. By banning abortions after 15 weeks, the United States “will be in federal perspective on a level more consistent with the rest of the world”, defended a selectman from South Carolina. He repeatedly took up the case of France, where the period for voluntary termination of pregnancy is 14 weeks.

However, the text provides for a waiver of all abortion bans adopted by more than a dozen conservative states since the Supreme Court ruling. Although more moderate than many Republican proposals on the matter, the bill immediately jolted the Democratic camp, which is looking to rally its base on the issue. The mid-term elections are less than two months away.

Text “Will Disenfranchise Women in All 50 States” Americans have condemned White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. “Make no mistake: Republicans, given their chance, will make sure to pass tougher laws than this bill.”House of Representatives Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

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