April 13, 2024

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Seventeen former Colombian soldiers suspected in the assassination of the Haitian president

It is suspected that at least seventeen former Colombian soldiers were involved in the assassination of Haitian President Jovanel Moss. On Friday, July 9, the Colombian Police and Army announced a high command.

«We are currently reviewing the activities of two (…) and 15 Colombians who died in the (Haitian) police operation (…) from the National ArmyColombian Police Chief General George Luis Vargas told a news conference in Bogot that he had resigned between 2018 and 2020.

The Haitian president was killed Tuesday night by a commando of 28 people: 26 Colombians and two Americans of Haitian descent, according to Port-au-Prince. Haitian police say three Colombians were killed during his operation. A total of seventeen people were arrested, including fifteen Colombians and two Americans. Colombian authorities have not released information on how many years the suspects spent in the military or why they left it.

According to General George Luis Vargas, the two Colombians traveled from Bogot to Panama on May 6 and then to Santo Domingo, where they stayed for four days before boarding a flight to Haiti. Other Colombians arrived in the Dominican Republic on June 4 and in Port-au-Prince on June 6. Colombian officials also said they had information about the four companies involved in the crime, without giving further details about their activities.

One “The best trained soldiers in the Colombian army»

Among the Colombians arrested was 40-year-old Manuel Antonio Grosso Quarin. “The best trained soldiers in the Colombian armyAnother man, Francisco Eladio Eurip, is also part of the commando, according to a woman who interviewed W. Radio, a Colombian radio station who identified herself as his ex-girlfriend. Left the army in.$ 2700 per month.

Earlier, Colombian President Evan Duke announced that he would send intelligence to Haiti to shed light on the assassination. Taiwan announced that 11 suspects who attempted interrogation had entered the perimeter of the embassy in Port-au-Prince before being arrested by Haitian police. The assassination of the Haitian president, who was assassinated at his home, further destabilizes the poorest country in the United States, which is plagued by insecurity. The siege has been declared in the country.

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