February 24, 2024

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The angry farmers blocked the economic minister in a boat

The angry farmers blocked the economic minister in a boat

The move was led by farmers against the phase-out of tax concession on diesel.

Farmers protesting the phasing out of tax relief on diesel blocked a boat carrying Economy Minister Robert Habeck in Schlüttsiel, northern Germany, prompting condemnation from several members of the government. About 30 farmers blocked a boat from landing on Thursday evening where Robert Habeck, who was vacationing on the North Sea tourist island of Halifax, told AFP, a police spokesman told AFP. told AFP on Friday. After failing to negotiate with the protesters, the minister decided to stay on board and return to Halic Hooge. After calm returned, the minister was able to reach the continent at 12:50 midnight on Friday, police said.

Around hundreds of farmers drove their tractors in the protest and the police dispersed it with gas jets without arresting anyone. This enclosure “Shameful and violates the rules of democratic coexistence“, said Steffen Hebestreit, a government spokesman on the former Twitter X network.

“Dreams of Rebellion”

Agriculture Minister Cem Ostemir, who is committed to revising the government's plans for farmers, on Friday morning condemned “an act that has been implemented.A minority“of the people”Those not engaged in German agriculture“, but who has”Rebel dreams“, which “Unacceptable», on public channel ZDF. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbach (Greens) and Interior Minister Nancy Fesser (SPD) also “”more» Boundaries of Democracy in Tough Debate.

The farmers' action comes after the German government on Thursday partially abandoned plans to cut fuel subsidies for the agricultural sector. The tax credit on consumption will be phased out until 2026, not all at once as initially planned. But that was not enough for the farmers, who plan to rally against the government for a week from January 8 to 15.

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