May 29, 2024

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The Israeli army says it has entered “various parts of the northern Gaza Strip”.

The Israeli army says it has entered “various parts of the northern Gaza Strip”.

Israel says it is advancing on Palestinian land. “Israeli troops are in various parts of the northern Gaza Strip”On Tuesday, October 31, the army announced that it was present Bringing more armored vehicles, tanks, armored fighting vehicles, bulldozers”. She felt a humanitarian situation “difficult” For the people of Kazan, “But that’s not our doing”, she defended. On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced an extension of the Israeli ground offensive. “Advances methodically, in measured and very powerful steps”. Follow our live coverage on this 25th day of the clash.

Lebanon strikes again. The Israeli military announced on Tuesday that it had carried out airstrikes in Lebanon targeting Hezbollah, an ally of Hamas. “Of the attacked infrastructure, weapons, positions and platforms used by the organization were destroyed”, she said. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati pledged on Monday that his country was doing everything possible to avoid being drawn into the conflict. “One increase does not cover the entire region”.

A strike near a hospital in Gaza. The Palestinian Red Cross was alarmed by strikes on Tuesday near one of its hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip, where some 14,000 civilians have sought refuge from Israeli bombardment. “Buildings are shaking and displaced civilians and working groups are in the grip of fear and panic”, described the system. This weekend, the Israeli army ordered the evacuation of the site, which was condemned by the World Health Organization. “It is impossible to evacuate hospitals full of patients without risking their lives”.

UN calls for ceasefire LUN for Palestine Refugees Request a “Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire”, “A matter of life and death for millions”Appeal denied by Israel “Surrendering to Hamas”. Israel’s ally Washington said on Monday there was no ceasefire “The right answer for now”When favorable “Humanitarian Breakdowns”.

Families of hostages in Paris. We want the international community to put pressure on Hamas to release all hostages. About ten families of Franco-Israeli hostages held by the Palestinian organization Hamas arrived in Paris on Monday evening. “Need to hear”. They were greeted at Roissy airport by twenty people holding portraits of the hostages. The families will visit the Israeli Embassy in Paris on Tuesday and meet with several elected officials, together with the association “October 7, 2023, Broken Lives in Israel”, which will bring together the families of the French victims.

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