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The Kremlin denies ordering the assassination of the Wagner leader


Cover Image: Trucks leave the site of a private jet crash near Yevgeny Prigozhin, Kushenkino village, Tver region, Russia, Friday, Aug. 25, 2023. Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP

  • The Russian Defense Ministry said early Friday that it shot down 42 Ukrainian drones in Crimea.Describes a rare offensive against the peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014. Moscow also said it shot down a missile aimed at Ukraine “Public Goals” In the province of KalugaSouthwest of the Russian capital.
  • The US will start training Ukrainian pilots in F-16 fighter jets from September.The Pentagon announced Thursday. Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gerstor has announced that Norway will provide F-16s to Ukraine. Thursday afternoon.
  • President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin welcomed Thursday afternoon « Contribution » For the attack by the fighters of the group Wagner in Ukraine. He promised “Take it to the end” Investigation into Yevgeny Prigojine plane crash. “He was a man of complicated fate” And one “Skillful Entrepreneur”Although “Critical Errors”Mr. Putin told a televised conference about the head of the paramilitary group, by which Mr.
  • Chairman of the Paramilitary Committee – In the wake of the agitation against public servants in June – The private jet was on board when it crashed on Wednesday in the Tver region, about 180 kilometers northwest of Moscow. Mr. In addition to Prigozhin, according to the Russian Civil Aviation, his right-hand man, Dmitry Outkin, and other Wagner officials, the plane was transported.
  • The US military does not “There is no indication of a surface-to-air missile.” is involved When the plane carrying Yevgeny Prigozhin crashed, Pentagon spokesman Patrick S. Ryder said Thursday.“wrong” Reports of the use of such a weapon.
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