February 24, 2024

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The Ukrainian military reported 58 Russian airstrikes in twenty-four hours

The Ukrainian military reported 58 Russian airstrikes in twenty-four hours

The Ukrainian military is concerned about its ability to withstand further Russian airstrikes

There is enough ammunition to deal with Ukrainian mobile air defenses “some” New large-scale Russian strikes, Ukrainian general warns “In the current situation, mobile air defense systems, with regard to ammunition (…) Sufficient to resist the next powerful attacks »General Serhii Nayev, commander of the Ukrainian Joint Forces, was interviewed by Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Wednesday during a meeting with other soldiers near Kiev.

“But in the medium and long term, Western aid is definitely needed to replenish the missile stockpile.”, specifically underlining the fact that he had these units under his command responsible for protecting the capital's skies. According to him, priority“Take More Ammo” facing the Russian army “Really wants to take out the air defense system”.

Russian attacks have increased in recent days. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia has launched nearly 300 missiles and more than 200 Shahed explosive drones against Ukraine since December 29, 2023. These attacks continue to cause many casualties: around fifty people died in Friday's attack, including thirty at Q, and five in Tuesday's attack, and hundreds of civilians were injured.

General Nave presented medals to the soldiers defending the skies and welcomed them “Effectiveness rate is about 90%” Tuesday during a Russian airstrike. “No other air defense system in the world can show such results, especially when fighting against Russia.”He believes.

However, residents of a building burned by recent Russian strikes in Kiev expressed their anger to AFP on Tuesday after Ukrainian security failed to save their homes. General Nayew pledges his part “Our mission is to improve the efficiency of the air defense system, and we work on it twenty-four hours, seven days a week.”.

Roman, a veteran of the United States' Stinger man-portable missile defense system, said Russia had recently begun to employ new tactics. “The Russians are now flying missiles like airplanes or helicopters. It's never happened before…and it's a problem for the Stinger.” And their infrared targeting system, he explains.

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These debris are much hotter than the missile's exhaust gases and can thus fool these defense systems. Fortunately for his unit, the decoys didn't work during Tuesday's attack, he said.