June 13, 2024

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The WHO has called for a daily evacuation of patients from Gaza to Egypt

The WHO has called for a daily evacuation of patients from Gaza to Egypt

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for the establishment of“Daily, unimpeded and safe medical evacuation of critically injured and ill patients to Egypt”, in a note sent to the media on Friday, November 27. According to him, 47 out of 72 primary health centers in Gaza are out of service and 25 out of 36 hospitals are not functioning. The head of the WHO office in the Occupied Palestinian Territories called for an installation. “Machine to facilitate evacuation of critical patients”, in order to relieve overburdened hospitals. He estimated that 50 to 60 patients a day had to be evacuated to Egypt. Follow our live stream.

Israel allows two fuel trucks to enter Gaza daily. Without specifying a date for the measure to take effect, Israeli officials indicated that the fuel would be allocated. “For the purposes of the UN”. The United Nations issued the warning on Wednesday “collapse” Humanitarian operations in Gaza due to fuel shortages.

Israeli military says it has killed “five terrorists” in Jenin. For its part, Hamas announced the death of three of its fighters “Al-Aqsa Flood in Jenin”The Islamic Movement’s name for the deadly attack on October 7. The IDF announced in Gaza that it had found the remains of Nova Marciano, a 19-year-old soldier held hostage by Hamas, whose death was broadcast on Tuesday.

Hospitals were searched from top to bottom. IDF inspects Gaza hospitals, accuses Hamas of using them as bases and exploiting the sick “Human Shields”. On Thursday evening, the Israeli military announced that it had found the body of hostage Yehudit Weiss. “Killed by terrorists in Gaza Strip” After being kidnapped by Hamas on October 7th.

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A dangerous humanitarian situation. International aid to Gaza comes in drips and drops by truck from Egypt, according to the UN, which specifically calls for the distribution of fuel to run generators in hospitals. UN reports that communication has returned “totally disconnected” with the Gaza Strip due to fuel shortages.