June 20, 2024

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Three loud thunders were heard in the city of Kiev

Three loud thunders were heard in the city of Kiev

Cover Image: A resident stands next to sandbags in Kiev on October 6, 2022 Juan Barretto/AFP

  • Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian secret service on Sunday “act of terrorism” By conducting an explosion that partially destroyed the Crimean bridge on Saturday. It was his first reaction since Saturday. The Russian president convened his Security Council on Monday, which includes key ministers, political leaders and representatives of the Russian security services and military.
  • A few hours after the explosion, Car and rail traffic has begun there to some extent. However, heavy goods vehicles were first sent back to the boats. Russia’s embattled military in southern Ukraine said on Saturday that its troop supplies were not threatened.
  • Kyiv has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement. Volodymyr Zelensky contented himself with joking in a video about the time “overcast” Saturday in Crimea. He promised a Crimea in the same video “Without Residents”Ukraine, which is backed by much of the international community and the United Nations, has never accepted Moscow’s annexation of the peninsula in 2014.
  • The Ukrainian president also called out the Russian military in a telegram “Terrorists” And “Savages”After Strikes on residential buildings in Zaporizhia reportedly left 12 to 17 dead.Three days after earlier bombings that killed 17 people. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, four cruise missiles, two missiles launched from fighter jets and other anti-aircraft missiles were used against the city.
  • The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant was reconnected to power on Sunday. Earlier in the day, the IAEA announced that the installation had lost its last source of external electrical power due to new explosions.
  • The Russian Security Services (FSB) issued the condemnation on Sunday “significant increase” of Ukraine fires targeting Russian border areas In Ukraine, they say one person was killed and five others injured in the past week.
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