April 17, 2024

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US cargo planes drop more than 36,000 meals in Gaza during operation with Jordan

US cargo planes drop more than 36,000 meals in Gaza during operation with Jordan

A U.S. military source said U.S. cargo planes dropped more than 36,000 food items in Gaza on Tuesday, March 5, during a joint operation with Jordan. This humanitarian aid was abandoned “to provide essential aid to civilians affected by the ongoing conflict in northern Gaza (…) at 2:30 pm (local time)”, the US military command noted in a press release. Follow our live stream.

According to the WHO, more than 8,000 Gazan patients require medical evacuation to receive adequate care. The World Health Organization has teams to provide logistical and health support, and moving these patients from Gaza will provide some relief to medical teams and hospitals struggling to continue operating in a war zone. Of this total, about 6,000 Gazans are victims of the war, suffering from multiple injuries, burns and amputations, WHO representative in the Palestinian territories Rick Bieberkorn said during a press conference.

The Israeli military denies UNRWA's allegations. In a press releaseThe military condemns “Covered and Baseless Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Detainees at Israeli Armed Forces Facilities”.. He also accused UNRWA of using More than 450 terrorists The Islamist movement Hamas and other organizations in the Gaza Strip. Earlier in the day, the Israeli Foreign Minister recalled on his account Its ambassador to the United Nations condemns it “silence” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on allegations of sexual violence by Hamas during the October 7 attack.

Ceasefire negotiations continue. For the third consecutive day, discussions resume in Cairo (Egypt). Egyptian, US and Qatari mediators are trying to broker a deal before the start of Ramadan. “I will not stop pushing for an agreement that guarantees the release of the remaining hostages held by Hamas.”Joe Biden said In a tweet posted overnight.

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