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What to remember from December 21

What to remember from December 21

UN Human Rights The High Commissioner has called for an investigation into “the possibility of a war crime” by Israeli forces in Gaza.



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An Israeli armored vehicle in the Gaza Strip on December 19, 2023.  (GIL COHEN-MAGEN/AFP)

On Thursday, December 21, Hamas assessed that its mission to eradicate the terrorist organization would “fail”, while the UN asked Israel to launch an investigation. “Potential Commission of a War Crime” In Gaza. In France, around forty left-wing representatives have called for Mayor Habib’s judicial immunity. Here’s what to remember from this new day Two and a half months after the deadly Hamas attack, conflicts around the world and their aftermath.

Hamas has blamed Israel for the attack in Gaza

According to the Hamas government, Israeli warplanes struck the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and Gaza, killing four people, including its director. The Hamas Health Ministry has announced that Mounir al-Barch, the ministry’s director-general, was wounded and his daughter killed in an Israeli bombardment in Jabalia, northern Gaza.

Hamas’s military wing also confirmed that Israel’s aim was to eradicate the movement “To fail” The conditions for the release of the hostages were imposed “Stop the Aggression” Israelis in Gaza.

An investigation into the “possible commission of a war crime” requested by the UN

UN Human Rights The High Commissioner’s Office invites Israel to investigate “Potential Commission of a War Crime” He said his forces in Gaza had received “disturbing information” about Tuesday’s death “11 Unarmed Palestinians”. Israel has denied the allegations.

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Ban on voting on resolutions at the UN

The US said it was working “actively” After several postponements, the UN has agreed to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza. leading to a vote on the Security Council resolution. The council, which has been widely criticized for its inaction since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, has been negotiating the text, which was delivered by the United Arab Emirates, for several days. According to various sources, discussions on restricting aid entering Gaza have stalled.

UN warns of increasing risk of famine in Gaza

According to a report by the United Nations Hunger Monitor, Gazans will face the risk of food insecurity or famine for the next six weeks. “Humanitarian aid should be completely unrelated to military negotiations”Médecins sans frontières at franceinfo pleads for its role.

Complaint from an Israeli organization against the Red Cross

Shurat Hadin, an Israeli right-wing organization that campaigns for the rights of families of victims of the attack, announced that it has filed a legal complaint against the International Committee of the Red Cross, accusing it of inaction and bias in the Gaza hostage crisis. .

Human Rights Watch accuses Meta of “silencing” pro-Palestinian voices

The NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, of censoring pro-Palestinian content. “Meta’s content-restricting policies and systems increasingly silence voices for Palestine”writes HRW in His 51 page file. In total, HRW says it surveyed 1,050 people “Censorship and Other Content Removal Cases” However the NGO judges “quiet”In more than 60 countries, on Instagram and Facebook, between October and November.

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A woman was killed in an Israeli bombardment in Lebanon

An octogenarian was killed and her husband wounded on Thursday in an Israeli bombardment of a border village in southern Lebanon, official media reported. Two Israeli civilians were lightly wounded by Lebanese Hezbollah fire in an area near the Lebanese border, the Israeli military said.

Left-wing MPs demand removal of Mayor Habib’s parliamentary immunity

In France, left-wing representatives have called for LR Mayor Habib’s parliamentary ban to be lifted. They condemned the sentence announced by the Deputy of the 8th Constituency of the French People established outside France during the Government Questions session on Tuesday. “While being a minister [des Affaires étrangères, Catherine Colonna] Called to react Death of the Quai d’Orsay agent Following an Israeli bombardment of a civilian residential building, MP Mayor Habib uttered the words clearly and twice: ‘It’s not over. !’”, related to 39 Leftist representatives.