April 20, 2024

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Author Cormac McCarthy’s Death Rocks America – Liberation

Author Cormac McCarthy’s Death Rocks America – Liberation


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From the Gothic to the Western, this quintessential figure of American literature has imposed his cold and precise, poetic and wild style on a handful of novels. Until his post-apocalyptic “root” planetary conquest. He died at the age of 89.

In September 1991, her lawyer, Cormac McCarthy, said yes, in a perky tone, during a phone conversation from her home in El Paso. “wrote books” But he felt far from publishing, launching and all: “Many things interest me and are close to my heart, but the world of literature is not one of them.”. His 1968 novel, Outer darkness (“Darkness Outside”) was about to appear in France. It was important that he was translated and read in Europe. “I was in Ireland this summer and was so surprised to see my books in bookstores. This would never happen in my country.

This was to change six months later: McCarthy changed publishers, moving to Knopf, which had more ambitious plans for him. All beautiful horses (“Such Beautiful Horses”) appeared in 1992 and would put the author on the bestseller map. His other novels will be republished. A cult around this mysterious character that has already been rocking for a decade is about to grow. McCarthy had so far published only five very difficult novels with poor sales at Random House, where he remained loyal to Albert Erskine, the old man who had looked after Faulkner and Lowry in his time. They remained friends, but Erskine was getting old, and the New York edition was handed over to Gary Fisketjon, the Young Turk. McCarthy, on the phone, identified

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