Thursday, July 25, 2024

His metal detector rings: He found 2.6 kg of gold in one rock


A 43-year-old man found a rock containing 2.6 kg of gold using a metal detector in Australia. The man sold the precious metal and won a nice jackpot.

An Australian invented his life with a simple low-end metal detector. While walking in the province of Victoria, he found a 4.6 kg white rock lined with gold nuggets.

Amazed by his discovery, the 43-year-old – who wishes to remain anonymous – went to a specialty store with his find in a backpack. “He picked up a pebble and dropped it in my hand and said, ‘Do you think there’s 100,000 Australian dollars in it?’ BBC Manager Darren Camp.

The expert evaluated the rock and found 83 ounces of gold or 2.6 kg. He had never seen this in his 43 years of life. Value of the precious metal: approximately 150,000 euros! He decided to buy back the gold from his client. The discovery made the front page of the local paper a golden professional editorial.

“Woman will be happy”

A nice surprise for a gold lover: “The girl will be happy” (Wife will be happy!), said the author of the invention, who spends 150,000 euros to please his family.

Australia has the largest gold reserves on the planet. The area where the rock was discovered has been known to gold diggers since the 1800s.

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