February 24, 2024

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Live – Israel-Hamas War: New US Strikes in Yemen Against Houthi Missiles

Israel has bombed the Gaza Strip, demolished neighborhoods and killed thousands of Palestinians in violation of international law, a United Nations human rights expert said Thursday.

“Israel has done a certain number of things that are absolutely illegal, absolutely illegal,” Francesca Albanese assured a press conference in Madrid.

UN accuses it of “genocide”. As Israel faces a complaint filed by South Africa at the International Court of Justice, an Italian jurist and UN chief on the Palestinian territories. The comments of the Special Rapporteur, Ms. Albanese, appeared.

If Israel has the right to defend itself, he added, international humanitarian law must “protect people who are not actively involved in the war: civilians, prisoners of war, the sick and wounded.” We need to distinguish militants from civilians and ensure that attacks are proportionate, Ms Albanese said. “Instead, we saw more than 100 days of incessant bombing — 6,000 bombs a week for the first two weeks, 2,000-pound bombs, in heavily populated areas,” he argued.

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