February 24, 2024

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Maria Theresa and the princesses take their tiaras at Ely Sap

Maria Theresa and the princesses take their tiaras at Ely Sap

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg hosted his traditional New Year's reception this Thursday, January 18, 2024 for the country's dignitaries. The Luxembourg sovereign was accompanied by his wife and some children and nieces. Grand Duchesses Maria Theresa, Elie Saab, Princess Alexandra and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie took out their tiaras.

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Henri and Maria Theresa of Luxembourg are surrounded by their children and nieces for New Year's reception 2024

Every year, the Head of State of Luxembourg invites Luxembourg's political representatives and senior officials to the Grand Ducal Palace. The New Year's reception is a tradition that allows the sovereign and his family to greet the country's dignitaries for the New Year. They include the Prime Minister and members of his government, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and members of Parliament and other senior officials of the judiciary.

Nicolas Bagory, Princess Alexandra, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Grand Duchess Maria Theresa, Grand Duke Henri, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie, Prince Louis at the New Year 2024 reception (Photo: Maison du Grand – Duke / Sophie Marceau)

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Grand Duke Henry was dressed in his gala uniform, followed by his eldest son, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume. Prince Felix, the second son of the Grand Ducal couple, did not breastfeed his youngest child. Prince Felix and Princess Claire welcomed their third child, Prince Balthazar, on January 7.

Grand Duke Henri hosts his traditional New Year's reception at the Grand Ducal Palace (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Sophie Marceau)
Grand Duchess Maria Theresa speaks with Prime Minister Luc Frieden (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Sophie Marceau)

Prince Louis, the third son of the grand ducal couple, respects the white tie dress code just like his brother-in-law. Nicholas Bagori attended the reception for the first time. Last April, the Grand Dugal joined the Grand Dugal family by marrying Princess Alexandra, the only daughter of the couple's five children. Prince Sebastien, the youngest of the siblings, is absent this year.

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Prince Louis confers with Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, Archbishop of Luxembourg (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Kary Barthelmey)
A New Year's reception at the Grand Ducal Palace is organized at the beginning of the year (Photo: Maison du Grand Duc/Gary Barthelme)
The heir-apparent couple seated with guests (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Sophie Margue)

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Tiaras and gala dresses at the Grand Ducal Palace to receive the country's dignitaries

Grand Duchess Maria Theresa wore a floral, off-the-shoulder dress from Lebanese designer Elie Saab's new Resort 2024 collection. The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg is very fond of this fashion house. At her daughter Alexandra's wedding, she wore an Elie Saab dress that made an impression. Princess Alexandra wore an Elie Saab wedding dress.

Grand Duchess Maria Theresa in Elie Chop dress and Belgian buckle tiara (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Sophie Marceau)

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This Thursday, Grand Duchess Maria Theresa of Luxembourg wore a Belgian tiara with buckles. The diamond-encrusted tiara was a wedding gift to Princess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, when she married the future Grand Duke Jean in 1953.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess St├ęphanie with guests (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Gary Barthelme)
Stephanie Grand Duchess of Luxembourg wears Adelaide's tiara with a sapphire at its center (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Gary Barthelme)

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie wore a white dress from Marchesa. She wore the Grand Duchess Adelaide's tiara on her head. It is probably one of the oldest tiaras of the Grand Ducal family. Grand Duchess Adelaide, wife of Grand Duke Adolf, the first Luxembourg sovereign of the Nassau-Weilburg dynasty, was the first to wear this tiara at the end of the 19th century. The tiara features foliage and berry-like plants that flow towards the center of the jewel where a large sapphire sits.

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Nicholas makes his first public appearance with Bagory after Princess Alexandra announced her pregnancy. The princess wears a vine leaf tiara (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Sophie Margue)
Princess Alexandra, Lady Grand Cross of the Order of the Golden Lion of the House of NASA with the Orange Ribbon (Photo: House of the Grand Duke / Gary Barthelme)

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Princess Alexandra made her first public appearance since announcing she was pregnant, accompanied by her husband Nicholas Bagory. Princess Alexandra wore the vine leaf tiara her sister-in-law Princess Claire chose to wear for her wedding to Prince Felix in 2013.

Prince Louis interacts with guests (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Sophie Margue)
Government members were invited to the reception. Georges Michaud, Minister of Sports and Minister of Labor Eric Thill (from back), Minister of Culture and Max Hahn, Minister of Families (Photo: Maison du Grand-Duc/Sophie Margue)

The Grand Ducal family was able to mingle with the crowd and mingle with many of the guests. Due to the recent formation of the new government, many new faces were present at the event. Two months ago, Luke Friedan succeeded Xavier Betel as Prime Minister, the latter having held the post for almost ten years.

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