June 13, 2024

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LIVE – War in Ukraine: Zelensky calls on country to “prepare” for Russian strikes this winter


Enemy approaching fleet in prison

A Russian judge on Monday detained Ksenia Fateeva, an opponent of Vladimir Putin who is close to Alexei Navalny, who has long campaigned against the Russian president. This woman is one of those rare personalities linked to a chosen historical enemy. But he now faces twelve years in prison for “extremism,” a charge often used against opposition activists in Russia.

Ksenia is a political prisoner, a deputy of the City Duma (from Tomsk) who won his mandate after a fair fight.“, wrote in Telegram, Andrey Fadeev, another ally of Navalny and elected in 2020 with Ksenia Fadeeva.

According to Kiev, two people died in Kherson after the Russian strike this Monday

Ukrainian officials say Russian strike in southern Ukraine’s center of Kherson leaves two dead and six wounded Kyiv Independent. Ukrainian media identified the victims as a 62-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man.

Misha, a Russian soldier who went to Ukraine

In Ukraine, LCI was able to meet Misha, a former Russian soldier who went to the other side of the conflict to help Kiev troops. Find his video portrait below.

Misha, a Russian soldier who went to the enemySource: TF1 information

In Ukraine, the specter of the biggest art theft since the Nazis

Many Ukrainian cultural buildings have been damaged by Russian bombings since the beginning of the war. More than 10,000 works of art were stolen in Kherson alone.


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Kremlin silence on Ukrainian positions

The Kremlin on Monday declined to comment on reports that the Russian-occupied left bank of the Dnieper River is consolidating Ukrainian positions in hopes of breaking through Russian borders. According to Russian and Ukrainian bloggers and experts who have analyzed open-source intelligence, the Ukrainian army has been able to anchor troops on the occupied banks of the Dnieper since late October, specifically in the village of Kringi in the southern part of Kherson.

Asked about the matter, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment, but said he felt the Russian military should comment on the situation. “We feel that our military experts can and should comment on this particular case,” he said. Notably earlier, two state news agencies, Ria Novosti and TASS, reported the Russian withdrawal in the Dnieper region in almost identical terms before canceling this information with an “error”.

Last 24 hours review

As winter approaches, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warns against intensifying Russian bombing of energy network infrastructure. A possible increase in Russia-sponsored attacks with military support from Pyongyang.


Visit of the Ukrainian delegation to the United States

Andriy Yermak, chief of staff to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, announced on Sunday that the United States had arrived with a delegation led by Economy Minister Yulia Sviridenko to discuss cooperation and support for his country. “I will hold meetings at the White House, in Congress, with think tanks and representatives of civil society organizations,” he said in a telegram.

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He added that the delegation will discuss “the president’s proposals for peace, strengthening Ukraine’s security, overall deepening of cooperation and many other important issues.” Officials of Ukraine, Mr. Ukraine has struggled to gain ground in a counteroffensive against Russia as the war continues for 21 months, following regular meetings with Western leaders, including Zelensky, and their mobilization with Kiev.

Kyiv braces for attack on its infrastructure

Ukraine must “prepare” for Russian strikes on infrastructure this winter, its President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Sunday, citing a possible increase in attacks. “We must prepare for the possibility that the enemy will increase the number of drone or missile attacks on our infrastructure,” the head of state said during his daily address.

“Security (…) should focus on everything Ukraine can do to get our people through the winter,” he added. Last year, the Russian military’s planned bombing of Ukraine’s energy grid left thousands of people without heat or electricity for long periods in often freezing temperatures.

Berlin doubles its military aid to Ukraine

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced on Sunday evening that his country would double its planned military aid to Ukraine in 2024, to 8 billion euros. He questioned the report on the doubling of the budget envelope on public broadcaster ART.

“This is an important signal at the precise moment when Ukraine needs to continue its fight, while part of the attention is focused on Israel” and Gaza, he added. The increase is in response to “experience we’ve had this year, which has shown that projected amounts have run out quickly.”

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