Thursday, July 25, 2024

The White House says there are no signs Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine


Now is not the time to panic. The US sees no signs that Russia is preparing to use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine, it assured Wednesday, March 13. Karine Jean-Pierre, A White House spokesman reacted to Vladimir Putin's comments. Journalists questioned the Russian president's comments that he was ready to deploy nuclear weapons if Russia's sovereignty was threatened.

According to him, only Vladimir Putin seems to have done it “Reiterate Russia's Nuclear Doctrine” During an interview on Russian television. “However, Russia's rhetoric on the nuclear issue is irresponsible and irresponsible” Since the start of the war in Ukraine, he added. Follow our live stream.

Senate's broad support for Paris-Kiev defense deal. French senators on Wednesday evening gave broad support to the defense accord between Paris and Kyiv in a non-binding vote of 293 votes to 22.

Five billion euros in European aid to Ukraine. The European Union's 27 member states reached an agreement on Wednesday to add five billion euros to a fund aimed at financing arms purchases for Ukraine, which has been demanding more ammunition against Russian forces for months.

An interview with Emmanuel Macron was scheduled for Thursday evening. After debates in the National Assembly on Tuesday and in the Senate on Wednesday on the security agreement with Ukraine, the President will give an interview to TF1 and France 2. The Head of State will answer Anne's questions. Sophie Lapix and Gilles Bouleau live on the 8pm news from the Elysée.



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