February 29, 2024

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LIVE – Ukraine: Ukrainian army says it has withdrawn to “outskirts of Maringa”, a town claimed by Moscow.

On Tuesday, the chief of staff of the Ukrainian army agreed that his forces must withdraw to the “outskirts” of the city of Maringa, near Donetsk, which Moscow claims to have taken control of on Monday.
According to him, the city no longer exists because it was completely destroyed.
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Pressure on multiple fronts

Oleksandr Chirsky, commander of the Ukrainian army, stressed the situation in a telegram on Wednesday. “difficult” In the east of the country. Russia “Continues its intensive attacks in the directions of Kubiansk, Lyman, Siversk, and Bagmut.”

Country “Recently armored vehicles have significantly increased the use of kamikaze drones and continued heavy artillery fire”he added.

Appeal for Ekaterina Tauntsova rejected

Russia's election commission rejected journalist Ekaterina Dauntsova's presidential candidacy on December 23, announcing this Wednesday that the latter has lost her appeal against the rejection.Associated Press.

He defended his vision of a “humane” Russia, “ready to cooperate with all on a policy of peace, friendship and respect.” The former municipal representative now intends to form his own political party that defends “peace, freedom and democracy,” the Associated Press quoted him as saying. Find our article about this application rejection.


A gigantic LNG project is under construction

Russian Deputy Energy Minister Alexander Novak has confirmed that the massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in the Arctic LNG 2 has begun despite US sanctions.

“The Arctic LNG 2 plant is currently under construction and the first phase has already started operating. We expect the first deliveries from this project to take place in the first quarter of next year,” the Russian Deputy Prime Minister said. Minister. According to media reports, Russian gas giant Novatek, which owns 60% of the megaproject, invoked “force majeure” in December, which allows companies to suspend supplies due to factors beyond their control.

Fencers are wanted by Russia

Two fencers, Sergey Bida and his wife Violetta Brida, who left Russia for the United States after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, have been added to Moscow's wanted list. They are suspected of participating in the championships in the United States without Russia's consent. Update this subject in our article.


Delivery of the French pilot ship

Transport Minister Clement Buen announced on social network X (formerly Twitter) on Monday the delivery of a “second pilot ship to support Ukraine”.

He promised “total commitment (…)” and “an unceasing unity” that “if Dunkirk is left, he will allow the supply of grain to better feed the world”.

Russia is restarting its oil exports to Asia

Russia has fully diverted its oil exports to China and India, generating comparable revenues by 2021, its Energy Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak announced on Wednesday. According to him, Russia, targeted by many Western sanctions for its aggression in Ukraine, especially its hydrocarbons, today sells 45-50% of its oil to China and 40% to India.

“If earlier we supplied Europe with 40-45% of the total export of oil and oil products, we expect this figure to not exceed 4-5% by the end of this year,” explained Aleksandr Novak in an interview. Russian TV channel Rossiya 24.

The second winter of the war

At Pakmut on the eastern front, winter is just beginning. The fighting is now going on in extreme cold and harsh conditions. A group of TF1's 20H saw it on the front lines with Ukrainian soldiers. A report can be found below.


A Russian swimming star is missing from the 2024 Olympics

Rising Russian swimming star Kliment Kolesnikov will not go to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. “Until today, in the current situation, for me, this is unacceptable.” To compete, he announced in an interview with AFP, explaining that he did not want to be one “black sheep” Among other athletes arriving in the French capital next summer. “Other guys participate, compete as if nothing happened, and we don't have the right to have a representative (…) or a flag or an anthem”World record holder in 50m backstroke.

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In early December, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowed Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the Paris Games (July 26-August 11), provided they compete under a neutral banner, excluding team events. Not actively supporting Russian aggression in Ukraine and they have lifted the qualification ban. To date, there are only 11 people in the case, eight Russians and three Belarusians, against about sixty Ukrainians, according to the IOC.

Relations between Ukraine and NATO

His ministers and the speaker of Ukraine's unicameral parliament, the Rada, posted a message on the social media site Tuesday.

Ukraine's strategy in relations with the alliance is clear. It is about establishing the foundations of security for Ukraine and Europe as a whole (…) Foreign policy, institutional actions within the country: everything should be as meaningful as possible. ,” he wrote.

A “damaged” ship

In a fresh snub to Moscow in the Black Sea welcomed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia confirmed on Tuesday that one of its ships was damaged in an attack by Kyiv in annexed Crimea. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been informed by his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu that the large landing craft Novocherkassk had been “damaged” during the strike in Crimea.

The Defense Ministry, quoted by the RIA Novosti agency, indicated that the boat was “damaged at night” during an attack by Ukrainian armed forces in the city of Feodosia. The Ukrainian military says it has “destroyed” the ship, which it says was carrying Iranian-made Shahed drones, often used by Moscow in the conflict. The attack left one person dead and two others wounded and six buildings damaged, according to Crimea's governor, Sergei Aksyonov.


At least one person was killed and four others wounded when Russian bombs hit a train station in southern Ukraine's Kherson, where civilians were preparing to leave, the interior minister said.

“In Kherson, in the evening, 140 civilians were waiting at the station for the evacuation train. That's when the enemy began a massive bombardment of the city,” Igor Klymenko said in a telegram. One police officer was killed and two civilians and two police officers were injured by shrapnel, he said.

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Hello and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The latest information on the conflict can be found here.

Ukrainian Army Chief of Staff Valery Zaluzny announced the withdrawal of his forces on Tuesday. “circumference” The city of Maringa, in the east of the country, was claimed earlier in the day by Moscow. “The fact that we have gone to the suburbs of Maringa and in some places have already crossed the local government boundary should not cause public displeasure”Zaluzhny said at a press conference.

He said Ukrainian soldiers were still in the northern part of the city, but his forces were “Prepared a security line outside this place” to retreat. Marina “no more” Considering the destruction, he said.

Russia said on Monday it had taken control of the town, five kilometers southwest of the main Russian-occupied city of Donetsk in the region. Maringa has been turned into a stronghold by the Ukrainian military since 2014 and is the start of a conflict with Moscow-led pro-Russian separatists who have seized the city of Donetsk in particular.

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Vladimir Putin welcomed the capture of Maringa, which allowed Moscow's forces to keep Ukrainian artillery away from Donetsk. “Having a large functional space” In zone.

Valery Zalosny estimated that Russia had on Tuesday “Today we have the strength to concentrate our efforts to destroy a city like Pakmut in three months”, marking the longest and deadliest battle of the war. Last May, Russia captured the eastern city of Baghmut at great cost.

For months the Donbass has been besieging another stronghold in Avdiivka, hoping to encircle it. “I fully understand that our fighters are doing a very difficult job under very difficult conditions.”Zaluzhny added.

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